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PASS PLANTOUR Release 2021
New update takes cross-industry route scheduling to a new level.
Modular, integrated GRC software to support IT governance.
Dokumentenmanagementsystem (DMS)
PASS extends its archiving products with a digital Document Management System (DMS).
Update des PASS System Inventory
The PASS Consulting Group has further developed its inventory software and delivered a new release to its customers.
Deutschlandstipendium 2020
For the third time in a row the PASS Consulting Group is participating in the offer of the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.
MAPSERVICES: Routenplanung LKW
Geographic services and optimizations for truck routing and route planning
PASS Logistics Summit 2019
The PASS Logistics Solutions AG team provided exciting insights into their own service portfolio.
Travel Web API
Microservice middleware for your travel application incl. business logic and integrated rules engine.
Platform for companies in the field of digitization within logistics.