PASS Grants Manager (PASS FMM)

Grants Management Application for the holistic and efficient controlling of subsidies for institutions

Intelligent data management as a basis for successful grant management

Municipalities and public institutions can take advantage of a variety of public funding programmes with a wide range of funding priorities. This means that numerous organizational units apply for, manage, control – and process funding projects. To ensure the success of the funding initiatives, intelligent data management across organizational boundaries is indispensable.

With our Grants Manager (PASS FMM), the need for highly flexible (spontaneous) storage, processing and evaluation of data can be met. This increases the quality of the data and enables smart decisions. Thus, our grant management application is the crucial building block for successful grant management and controlling.

From the project outline to the where-used list

Each funding programme is based on its own guidelines, which set out the funding objectives and the requirements for the specific implementation. The differences between the individual funding programmes can be substantial. It is therefore all the more important to document these differences precisely in order to avoid errors which, in the worst case, could lead to the repayment of funding. This is where our Grants Managercan help, providing full support for grant management.

The Grants Manager supports users in all phases of managing and controlling a funding project

Highlights of the Grants Management Application

A central task of grants controlling is the compilation of data based on specific and varying specifications. With the Grants Manager any list can be created and exported with a few mouse clicks. The generated search instruction can be stored as standard search of the respective user, shared with other users and made available as global search.

If required, individual reports can be generated in addition to standard reports, e.g. to meet design requirements (graphics, logo, colors) and data output (cover page and table of contents). These controlling reports can either be executed directly within the interface or automatically filed at a specific time and sent by mail to a previously defined group of recipients.

The connection to the electronic file (eFile) or to a document management system (DMS) is already included in the standard and can be implemented in different ways:

  • Calling up the DMS or eFile with a qualified web link, with no files stored in the Grants Manager itself.
  • If a file is stored in the Grants Management Application, then an e-mail with this file attached can be automatically generated and sent directly to the DMS for filing there. In the e-mail, the corresponding file number could also be transmitted so that the DMS can automatically save the file in the correct case.
  • All files of a project can be exported e.g. at project completion into a ZIP file and then stored in the DMS.

The Grants Manager is fully customizable and modifiable. That means that adjustments can be made in the Software as a Service Professional by the customer and in the Software as a Service Standard operating model based on consolidated customer requirements:

  • Each field can be renamed, moved or deleted.
  • New fields can be created at any time.
  • Tabs are completely flexible.
  • Old data areas can be changed or deleted.
  • New data areas can be created.
  • All formulas and functions can be changed.
  • New formulas can be created at any time.
  • All displays and functions can be individualized.
  • etc.

Screenshots of our Grants Management Application

IT security and data protection

Information on audit security and cyber security can be found here.

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