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PASS Agent Desktop - Virtual Travel Organizer

The Agent Desktop, PASS Virtual Travel Organizer (PASS VTO) is a graphical user interface that gives you access to booking functionalities for flights, hotels, rail and car rentals. Many other features like Passenger Name Record (PNR) processing, re-booking, ticketing (Billing Settlement Plan and Airline Reporting Corporation) are supported as well.

The PASS VTO works in conjunction with the XML Interface Manager (XX1) back-end system, which facilitates connectivity to all Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Global Distribution Systems New Entrants (GNE) and providers. Thereby you will make your travel agency independent from travel technology providers and win back technology sovereignty for your organization. PASS VTO therefore not only gives you a strategic but also an operational competitive advantage. Service providers can be exchanged or added on at any time without affecting the interface, which gives you full control of your content at all times.

Value added services:

The Agent Desktop PASS VTO provides consulting and cross-selling functionalities.

  • Active selling/cross-selling: Support through the automatic presentation of relevant incremental sales opportunities and corresponding sales arguments.
  • Active consulting: Display of important additional information.
  • Active customer care: Simplification of the consulting and booking processes.

Possible target groups:

  • travel agencies and agents

  • travel management companies

  • the Global Distribution Systems 

  • airlines



  • Increased quality and efficiency throughout the entire sales process (CRM functionality) due to integrated consulting support.
  • Quick introduction training for agents through the intuitively controllable interface.
  • One interface for all service providers (GDS, GNE, Direct Connect).
  • Flexible customization without new programming or interruptions of the sales process as end product is based on pre-existing components.
  • Integrated shopping cart and profile data base.
  • Training for different providers is no longer required due to the uniform look and feel.
  • Customization to individual requirements is possible in order to increase productivity of the sales process.
  • Maximum individuality and flexibility (workflows, rules-based, policies).
  • Application of a modular setup.

With PASS VTO, you are investing in a system that will make customer-specific consulting and targeted cross-selling easier.




  • Optimization of all customerrelated workflows
  • Indication of best offers
  • Short waiting times


  • Fast workflows
  • Simple navigation
  • Access to all GDS/GNE and directconnect, Internet content
  • Intuitive, adaptable GUI


  • Short learning curve
  • Easy to use
  • High acceptance among agents,because it was developed incooperation with them
  • Integrated advisory functions
  • Short response times


Individual productivity enhancement

Individual productivity enhancement

Individual productivity enhancement by configuring specific, adaptable workflows, distribution rules and policies in the rules engine

Improved performance and productivity

Improved performance and productivity

Improved performance and productivity for agents through intuitive user control

Higher quality of consultation

Higher quality of consultation

Higher quality of consultation offered by agents with integrated advisory functions such as active selling, active consulting and active customer care

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