Virtualization solutions

The demand for the permanent reduction of IT costs has dominated IT budget meetings for years and continuously presents new challenges to those responsible for IT and your IT organization. At the same time the demand is also increasing for the professional, continuous and trouble free operation of systems and solutions.

Sensible hardware Virtualization

A good IT infrastructure distinguishes itself by an optimal use of capacity, assured availability and flexibility to react to new requirements. Virtualization is a professional solution to master these challenges.

Virtualization solutions

With our virtualization solutions we will make your IT infrastructure (server, memory, clients and software) more efficient and economic to use and significantly increase sustainability. In addition to saving on hardware you will reduce operational costs with our virtualization solutions and also increase your service quality.

PASS Virtualization solutions include:

  • An as-is analysis of your IT structure to determine potential options. At the same time the consideration of existing applications and systems with regard to possibilities e.g. the sensible degree of virtualization.
  • Creation of a design to meet your individual requirements and plan the implementation and migration with you.
  • Prioritization in the area of virtualization
  • Support/performance of implementation and migration
  • Optimization, maintenance and supervising of systems
  • Resolving errors and malfunctions
  • Creation and supervision of operating handbooks and system documentation

In addition to our portfolio of virtualization services, we also carry out customized solutions.

Benefits from Virtualization:

  • Better utilization of hardware
  • Consolidation of hardware
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Reduction of space requirement
  • Decrease of administration
  • Higher flexibility
  • Independence of physical constraints
  • Optimization of quality and speed of service delivery
  • Savings on operational costs

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