Update of the PASS System Inventory

Update of the PASS System Inventory

The PASS Consulting Group has further developed its IT inventory software and delivered a new release to its customers.

The PASS System Inventory provides simple and clear inventory management of hardware, software, licenses, orders, contracts and consumables. It also provides a continuous overview of all managed assets in real-time. The PASS System Inventory is the comprehensive IT inventory software for the central organization, management and monitoring of IT.

Further information about the PASS System Inventory can be found here.

New features and further developments of version 2.2.0 at a glance:

Generic fields/additional fields: Customers can now define and add their own fields to the application on each interface mask.

Management of protocol templates: Transfer or return protocols can now be adapted to your own requirements. This includes: Loan logs with all objects on loan as well as transfer and return logs for all assets of an inventory user.

Mass modification: After installing the update, you can make changes to multiple assets at once. For example, a series of computers can be moved to another location with a single click. 

Assignment of material for all assets: Individual values can now be edited and configured more extensively. For example, a computer can be linked not only – as before – with the appropriate software, but also with accessories or peripheral devices.

Optimization of usability, system configuration and advanced performance: e.g. system configuration as a separate dialog and automatic update of search dialogs.