Big Data for Travel: Transparency creates security

Big Data for Travel: Transparency creates security

The greater the number of business trips, the greater the risk. To ensure companies can offer their employees optimal protection against political unrest, terrorism attacks and natural catastrophes, it is essential to know at all times where they should be located or where they will be. PASS PNR Retrieval makes this possible.

When it comes to business trips, the safety and satisfaction of travelers always takes precedence. Current studies such as the European Business Travel Barometer even place employee satisfaction just above travel costs within the list of priorities. PASS PNR Retrieval increases travel safety by central provision of relevant booking data: The solution supplies all passenger name records (PNRs) that are saved in the system, including ticketing and EMD information. “Already today, many renowned suppliers of travel tracking technologies such as security and risk management specialists Drum Cussac Group make use of our services. They provide their clients with important travel, security and country risk information together with optimal support, using this method”, Michael Strauss, Head of Business Unit Travel at PASS, explains.

Alongside the traveler’s intended whereabouts, travel costs before, during and after the trip are also clearly presented. PASS PNR Retrieval is thus not only an interesting option for risk management, but also for areas such as data mining, business intelligence and after sales service, for example. PASS PNR Retrieval is based on Travel XML API Tool XX/1, which aggregates all data from various different systems into one central location.

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