Drum Cussac uses PASS PNR Retrieva

Drum Cussac uses PASS PNR Retrieval

Drum Cussac is working on their new risk management tool in close cooperation with PASS Consulting Group. Travel security is being supported through the central provision of booking data by integrating PASS PNR Retrieval into the PeopleMonitor module of their GlobalRiskManager solution.

Political unrest, natural disasters, even terrorist attacks – companies are increasingly looking towards external support to provide employees with the best protection when at home and away on business trips. British security company, Drum Cussac Group, are specialists in this field. With the release of GlobalRiskManager, they have introduced a web-based risk management tool to provide intelligence, analysis and security both pre and during trips. The solution combines innovative technology with security expertise: Clients receive information in regards to incidents and dangerous situations from around the globe 24/7, in real time and these can be tailored to their individual requirements. Users also benefit from detailed risk profiles, intelligence and analysis on countries, regions and cities.

Who is where, and when?

In addition, all travel and booking data is available, Duncan Hillyer, Business Development Executive at Drum Cussac explains: “In order to respond quickly in the event of a crisis, you need to know where specific employees are located based on their travel itinerary or last known location. We generate this information via the integration of PASS PNR Retrieval into the PeopleMonitor module of GlobalRiskManager.” This provides passenger name records (PNRs) by aggregating data from all relevant systems. This centralised provision of data ensures that a current overview of the situation is guaranteed, and travellers can be targeted to receive information if dangerous situations arise either directly or through their traveller app.

“What impresses us most about PASS PNR Retrieval is its performance and flexibility: We are able to integrate it into our systems quickly, efficiently and configure it as required”, explains Charles Dessonet, Service Delivery Manager at Drum Cussac. Drum Cussac hosts the solution in-house; billing is done on a transactional basis. The PASS Support Team, which is based in Germany, is available to answer any service queries.