International Documentary Business: Individual Standard from PASS

Success in international business requires reliable and transparent processing of payment and business transactions across bank and national borders. PASS Consulting Group covers the entire spectrum of the international documentary business with a solution that gives customers legal certainty – from Documentary Credit and Documentary Collection to Reimbursement. The solution is highly customizable, keeping implementation expenses and costs low.

“Our idea in development was to create a cost-effective solution which can be implemented quickly. Banks can integrate the module into the PASS Core Banking System or use it as a stand-alone component,” explains Asmus Christesen, CEO of PASS MULTIBANK Solutions. The functionalities go significantly beyond the core requirements of the international documentary business. Among other things, users benefits from deep integration of payment transactions (SWIFT, SEPA, Target2 etc.) as well as a connection to credit systems, guarantees and securities administration. An electronic archive ensures that procedures, processing steps and documents in a file (correspondence, payment orders for receipts and outgoing payments etc.) can be viewed at all times. Evaluations for controlling and internal reporting can be individually drawn up through a report designer. 

Simple Implementation

The ability to automatically input templates means data can be quickly transferred from the old system. Thanks to the high degree of customization, all the functionalities can be flexibly adjusted to the workflow of the respective bank and legal requirements. Predefined text components simplify the handling of country-specific requirements. The solution is currently available in German and English. Additional languages will be made available as requested.