New Release of the Travel Management System VICTOR

New Release of the Travel Management System VICTOR

The complexity in business travel is increasing – not only due to the heterogeneous distribution policy of airlines. The Travel Management System VICTOR brings light into the darkness. With the new release revised in design and features, the booking process and management of business travel is now even more straight-forward and transparent.

A new feature is the so-called ‘Travel Arranger Cockpit’, which allows the travel arrangers to access all bookings for travelers associated with them for 21 days. Moreover, a revised selection of booking options gives the user a much better overview: On the results page, corporate fares as well as baggage rules are explicitly highlighted. This is particularly true for carry-on or hand baggage rates (HBO). There are also innovations in downstream operations: To further optimize the processing of additional data, a direct interface to AirPlus was integrated. This enables a smooth transfer of billing data.

Expansion of Rail Service

With the new release, from now on British railways can be booked on VICTOR in addition to Deutsche Bahn and AMTRAK. This is made possible by the addition of ATOC (Association of Train Operating Companies) to the existing technology platform SilverCore of SilverRail. This enables access to timetables, train connections and tariffs as well as to bookings and cancellations.

Extended Support

In parallel to the new release, the VICTOR Support Center was launched. Here customers have a support portal and knowledge base that centrally provides them with resources such as FAQ’s and release notes.