Archiving Software

Storage and allocation of historicized company data

Web-based long-term storage of your company data

Web-based long-term document storage

The PASS Archiving Software provides long-term storage of your historicized company data and allows you to search the data archive at any time, at your convenience. Your legacy system, which has been replaced by newer technologies, can be safely shut down. Thanks to our solution, all relevant data will be completely retained.

Need help with the migration of your data? The PASS Migration Factory will fully transfer your data automatically from your existing system to the newly introduced Archiving Software.

Key technical data ­­– this is how our Archiving Software works

The solution is multilingual and is delivered by default in English and German. A common web browser is sufficient for use; other plug-ins are not required. The integrated authorization management allows a role concept with fine granular authorization to be implemented right down to field level. As an open system, the PASS Archiving Software can be integrated over established interfaces into existing system landscapes.

You can navigate through the application with the help of predefined or customized views. If desired, we can also adapt the look and feel of the application to your style guide and the respective technical context so that you can easily search within your historicized data.

Introduction of the Archiving Software in 3 steps

First, all the data to be archived will be extracted from the legacy system.

Secondly, this data is then transferred to a MySQL database, which is followed by an expert analysis of the tables.

Lastly, views are created from the database tables and the finished application is set.




Use the search options of our Archiving Software to conveniently filter your data and sort them by fields.



Export selected data in the form of Excel documents and share them easily with your customers and colleagues.



Define the user groups that should have special rights and access to specific areas of the system.



Benefit from the hosting and maintenance of the software solution being taken over by PASS in full.