Investment Management

A centralized management system for all investment-related information and documents

Comprehensive and Compliant Investment Management

Quality, completeness, and transparency for your equity holdings

Many companies are faced with the immense challenge of providing a full and systematic overview of all investments. Reports and publications of the company should follow a consistent line and sums of money should be reasonably and efficiently controlled and distributed across any system.

The solution lies in the introduction of software that meets all technological and business requirements for investment management. Our highly specialized, web-based system brings all data together into an uninterrupted history, ensuring its quality, completeness, and transparency. This way you will achieve comprehensive and compliant investment management with information on, for example, business, capital, shares, quotas, contracts, people, committees, and mandates – all in a historicizing database including reporting and quota calculation.

With the PASS investment management system, you get:

  • meaningful consolidation of data and documents
  • legally compliant data management, including auditing reliability, and the ability to provide information at any time
  • ready-made evaluations and reports with visualization functions

We not only provide the appropriate software, but also guarantee its professional introduction. We'll be at your side above and beyond the replacement of outdated ways of working, data transfer from the distributed systems, as well as the training of staff.


Work simplification

Work simplification

Single point of information with all investment-related details and work transactions including automatic and intelligent sorting of data; ensures a coherent and consistent perspective on investments



Fully automatic generation of high-quality statements on the relationship of all affiliates to one another (quotas) and the automatic fulfillment of the reporting requirements based on them

Legal certainty

Legal certainty

Fulfillment of all compliance requirements, such as the secure traceability of all data management operations and the mapping of ownership structure as required under company law

Functions of the PASS Investment Management System

  • Auditable storage of all transactions
  • Subsequent processing of all entries
  • Graphical visualization of the shareholding relationship
  • E-mail-based workflow illustrations
  • Group- and role-based authorization management
  • Simultaneous management of efficacy, maintenance, and revision history
  • Calendaring including reminders
  • Fully customizable and extensible data model with guaranteed release security
  • Future-proof: completely customizable and upgradeable at any time


Users and specialists

Users and specialists

  • More effective working
  • Automatic, seamless historicizing of data and documents
  • Customizability without the expense of individual programming
  • Easy data management and immediate visualization
  • Clear, transparent documentation
IT managers

IT managers

  • Homogeneous IT landscape
  • Management and safe operation of a unified web system
  • Single point of truth
  • Simple system maintenance and update processes


  • Cost optimization
  • More effective use and allocation of resources
  • Compliance security
  • Future-proof through expandability



Yes. As a first step towards implementation of the system, the customer puts together an individual list of functions, which we then use to give us direction.

Due to its standard web architecture, our investment management system is compatible with all popular and common technologies. The customer decides individually which database is used.

Our pricing is individually based on the functions and modules. Billing is based on entities rather than according to users.

As part of an implementation project, together with the customer we will determine their individual feature requests, which we then bring into production.


After the order by the customer, an integration team gradually transfers the individual feature requests into the system. Use and authorization concepts are documented and prepared for going live.

Ten to 30 man-days are usually necessary for the implementation of our system. The calendar-based implementation period is approximately three months.

Yes. Just let us know your personal introduction time frame. For example, upon request we will support you in first implementing the investment management system in your head office and then in the subsidiaries.

Due to the elimination of redundant operations, the break-even point is usually reached within twelve months. The ROI through error prevention and improved control options of the company is not universally measurable, but is immediately appreciable.