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Event Ticketing System for your online platform

The complete solution for handling your online event ticketing

As an event organizer, you can no longer ignore the need to offer tickets online in addition to over-the-counter sales. The regulatory requirements in times of Covid-19 have increased this necessity even more. Handling ticket sales via an online platform ensures that limited visitor numbers are not exceeded. Visitor data to be recorded for contact tracking purposes can be administrated centrally in a database already during online ticket sales. In addition, long queues at the ticket offices are avoided. To enable you to process tickets quickly and easily, PASS has developed an event ticketing system that ensures optimum processes for online ticket sales and admission at the venue.

Discover our solution now

With our software you can realize your online ticket sales quickly and professionally. For more information, watch our detailed product video.


Ticketing classic vs. online

The PASS Ticketshop software is the ideal complement to your over-the-counter sales outlets. After the online purchase, you can provide your customers with the tickets as a hard ticket via a shipping service provider or digitally as an eTicket. The purchasers of online tickets have the option of printing them or saving them as an eTicket on their smartphone or directly in the PASS Ticket app.

No acquisition of hardware required

Via the PASS app, tickets can be scanned and verified at the admission control using a barcode or QR code. All you need is a smartphone and Internet access to verify the validity of tickets. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware (e.g. handheld scanners).

Transparent and complete process handling

The intuitive and clearly structured user interface in responsive design ensures maximum user-friendliness on all devices – both for your customers in the ticket shop and for those users working in system administration. Our event ticketing software for your individual ticket shop can be enhanced by any number of functions and interfaces, as well as by various different merchandise management modules in the back end, allowing you to create your very own customized solution.

In addition to online ticket sales, merchandising products can also be displayed within the shop and purchased by the customer in the same order process.

Different target groups

Whether events in sports, culture, business or any other area - the PASS Event Ticketing System supports you in ticket sales and admission control via the Internet









The list of our customers ranges from sports clubs to the theatre. But also leisure areas, such as swimming pools, benefit from our event ticketing system. According to this, it does not matter whether the ticket sale is carried out with a fixed seat selection including defined price categories or without seat allocation. Company events require special functions. The organization of corporate and business events can be managed via the PASS Event App Solution.

Ticketing and admission control via app

A fully digitized ticketing process without media discontinuity

Ticket app (NFC support)

  • Online ticket sales via app
  • Ticket is saved as bar or QR code directly in the app
  • Tickets can be verified contactless via NFC technology
  • Automated ticket release

Scanner app (mobile admission control)

  • Definition and selection of admission station (cash desk, VIP room)
  • Digital admission control: Readability of bar/QR codes or contactless via NFC
  • Evaluation dashboard for analysis of scanned tickets


Ticket and scanner app in action

Not only young fans will be thrilled:
The ticketing process and admission control via app is this simple and user-friendly.

Functions of the Event Ticketing System

Ticket presentation

Ticket presentation

Whether it’s images, videos from artists, or images of the location – you can grant users access to a virtually unlimited amount of media.

Ticket management

Ticket management

Management and definition of different ticket categories, seat class, individual seat selection and assignment at the event location.



Management and organization of standard and reduced prices, different types of pricing depending on seat class.

Client management

Client management

Client information needs to be systematically managed and client relationships must be regularly cultivated. You can take care of this by (optionally) taking advantage of the PASS CRM System.



As soon as a client has put in a ticket for an order in the shop, an invoice will be automatically generated. Moreover, you can use the interface to integrate your current financial accounting module.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable

Creating and managing outstanding payments and credits.

Technical Highlights

Mobile Device Readiness

Mobile Device Readiness

By using the PASS event ticketing, your clients are able to conveniently put in a ticket at any time, at any place and on any device.


Open System

Open System

Any pre-existing software that your company might have won't prove a challenge. The PASS event ticketing system can be tailored to suit your needs thanks to its integrable interface.

Voice Readiness

Voice Readiness

From the first quarter of 2018 onwards, we will also be offering an order option in the event ticketing system via language. Registered users can order tickets via a language function without having to call up or fill in form masks.




Are you just starting out? No problem. The event ticketing software is ready and equipped for growth and can be scaled to handle growing numbers of users.


Scanner App

Scanner App

Would you like to digitize your entrance control at events? The online tickets can be equipped with a bar or QR code. Scanning is done with a smartphone directly via the PASS app.


Customizing oriented toward your event ticketing system

We offer you customizing individually tailored to your corporate design and online platform. Refer to the example of a soccer club below to see what your event ticketing might look like.

Introduction of the Event Ticketing System

Are you interested? Here are the next steps:

1. Personal contact

Do you have questions about our event ticketing system and would like to contact us personally? Then send your request by e-mail or via our contact form. We will call you back to discuss your interests and arrange an appointment for a virtual meeting of the PASS Event Ticketing Software. You can also contact us by phone at +49 6021-3881-7528.

2. Virtual meeting

In a joint online appointment via video conference, we will give you an insight into the front- and back end of the event ticketing system. In addition to a presentation of the structure and functionality, one of our software developers will be available to answer any technical questions you may have.

3. Test installation

Before you decide to buy, we offer the opportunity to get to know the event ticketing system on a free trial for 14 days.

4. Requirements for the go-live

Have you decided to use the PASS Event Ticketing Software? These three steps lead to the activation of the system:

  1. PASS sends you an offer
  2. You return the signed offer
  3. You send us hall or seating plans, which we integrate directly in the event ticketing system (if it’s not already there)

5. Go-live

As soon as all requirements are met, the ticketing software will be provided. After go-live you can start creating your events in the event ticketing system yourself and provide your customers with tickets for sale online.

Further information

Are you interested in our event ticketing system? Here you will find further information about our usage models.


Moritz Hahn

Soccer goes digital – ticket and fan shop for SV Viktoria 01 e.V.

Viktoria press officer, Moritz Hahn - in addition to its looks - reserves special praise for the functionality of the new event ticketing system and fan shop: “For years, we have been working consistently on the public image of Viktoria, and in the area of new media and digitization, we have relied on strong and innovative partners like PASS.  The innovations introduced with this step make our daily work much easier and also make life much more comfortable for our fans.”

Moritz Hahn

Press officer

SV Viktoria 01 e.V.

  More information about the ticket and fanshop of SV Viktoria 01 e.V.


Walter Klug

Digitalization in handball – TV Großwallstadt launches new ticket and fan shop

"For a year now, TV Großwallstadt has been thinking young, modern and digital. And that`s how we live. We want to win new target groups for our great handball sport and not only satisfy our visitors, customers and partners, but inspire them. With PASS we have a strong digitalization partner on our side, who supports us sustainably with his know-how on all levels".

Walter Klug


TV Großwallstadt


Customized PASS App solution for your events

Event App for more audience interaction

Corporate events live and benefit from interaction. Both internally (limited to employees) and externally (when customers are involved), communication is at the heart of the event. The digital age opens up new possibilities of exchange.

With the PASS App for corporate and business events your event is digitally supported and the interaction of all participants is encouraged. In the application, not only the agenda and supporting program with times can be made available and adjusted in real time, but also chats can be held and surveys can be started during the lectures. The survey results are available immediately and can be analyzed or commented on directly if required.

Functional overview of the Event App

Provide your participants with the current agenda in the Event App. They receive a clear presentation of the program items as well as relevant additional information (e.g. the speaker's CV, publications and other background material). Program changes can be communicated at short notice, virtually in real time.

For environmental, economic or community reasons, carpools are a good idea when travelling to the destination of the event. The organization, e.g. available seats in a vehicle or people looking for a carpool, can be done with the Event App.

Every participant of the event has the opportunity to share photos in this area and to make them available to his colleagues in the Event App.

Advantages of the Event App


  • Optimization of the organization
  • Fast adjustment of agenda items and communication of changes via push notifications
  • Easy integration of surveys and thus simple integration of all participants
  • Evaluation options for the follow-up of events (feedback, key figures)
  • Increase motivation and fun factor for employees through a central information source and gamification features
  • Knowledge transfer can be continued beyond the event through the Event App


  • Increased interaction among the participants during the event
  • Quick and easy access to useful information
  • Easy communication for arrangements with colleagues (e.g. for carpools)
  • Interdisciplinary exchange and team building are encouraged

Digital registration and administration via Event Ticketing System

Only if you have an overview of which employees, customers or suppliers will be attending your company event, can you make the necessary professional preparations.

The PASS Event Ticketing System helps you manage your corporate event. All interested parties can register for the event online. For events lasting several days, you can also register for individual days or time slots. This gives you an up-to-date overview of the number of visitors at any time.

Maria Freund

PASS Consulting Group

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