Internet Booking Engine

PASS Internet Booking Engines (IBE)

Which IBE solution is best for you?

The term Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is used in various contexts.
Therefore we provide you with an overview of the different services by PASS:

Corporate IBE

Online Booking Tool

Build Your Own IBE

GDS XML Interface

Individual IBE

Individual IBE Development by PASS

PASS Online Booking Tool


PASS IBE Development

Our Corporate Online Booking Tool facilitates booking of corporate travel and business trips.

Basis for quick and easy in-house development: uniform XML interface for flight, hotel, car rental and rail

Based on our Travel Framework we develop an individual Internet Booking Engine according to your needs.

Web solution for corporationsProgramming interface (API) for corporations (e.g. OTAs, TMCs, start-ups) that need easy access to travel content and develop their own frontendWeb solution for B2C or B2B applications (e.g. airlines, OTAs, start-ups)
Economical with 2000 business trips per year upon direct acquisition via manufacturer PASS. Otherwise an acquisition via travel agency is recommended.Pricing starting at € 1000,- per monthEffort depending on requirements, from € 200.000, - plus maintenance

If you are not sure which is the right solution for you, you have questions or want a demo, please feel free to contact us.