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PASS modernizes and expands data center infrastructure

Cloud Services is one of the fastest growing business areas at PASS Consulting Group. More than 500 individual customers as well as another 3000 customers via an association solution rely on PASS' services.

The company is taking growing requirements into account and has already commissioned a new electronic data processing center (EDPC) in Aschaffenburg in 2020. Thanks to the latest infrastructure technologies, a 75 percent energy saving was achieved with the commissioning, despite increased operational reliability.

In its three ISO certified data centers within Germany, PASS offers secure and dynamic cloud solutions: scalable, reliable and transparent. In this context, the PASS Private Cloud brings control and security to companies' IT infrastructure. With PASS as a full service provider, customers receive everything from a single source: from consulting and implementation to deployment and operation in its own data center in Germany.

Transparent security architecture

With various cloud service models and scalable managed (IT) services, the scope of support provided by PASS can be determined by the customer - down to the last detail and flexibly. In doing so, PASS accommodates takes into account the changing requirements with high-performance IT and also provides transparent security architecture. Critical business information and data are secured within the certified PASS Cloud with all necessary procedures and protected in the best possible way. 

The two data centers - operated as a metro cluster - at the Aschaffenburg site and the data center in Bad Mergentheim, about 70 kilometers away, form a network in which PASS customers can access their data and applications at any time, even if one site fails.

From its data centers, PASS can meet the requirements of a wide variety of levels - from simple to highly demanding. The medium-term strategy is to make all software solutions and services directly available to the company's own customers via the cloud from these data centers.

Flexible Cloud Services made in Germany

With state-of-the-art components and technologies, the company is not only highly efficient in doing so, but is also making a contribution to climate protection in terms of sustainability and green IT, which is already making itself felt in the form of significantly lower power consumption.

At a time when data protection and data security are becoming increasingly important to consumers and companies alike, non-European countries are already taking a look at cloud services made in Germany - in accordance with European data protection law, efficient, sustainable and flexible.

PASS provides its services on the basis of its own management and control systems in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and the necessary regulatory and legal requirements and has this international standard confirmed annually by external auditors. The company can also look back on a whole series of partnerships with customers from the financial services sector, which are subject to numerous regulatory requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) - e.g. MaRisk and BAIT. The trend here is upward. PASS is already regularly assessed on the basis of 300 control topics - a challenge, but one that at the same time helps the company to continuously improve its performance from year to year.

As a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), PASS brings with it all the requirements of a modern cloud services provider where corporate data is in safe hands.

Extensive range of services for PASS customers

"With our Cloud Services made by PASS, we want to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services that is regularly put to the test and thus also permanently improved. Through these efforts, we also see ourselves as a provider of cloud services at the highest level in the long term," explains Thomas Dudaczy, Head of PASS' Cloud Services business unit.

More information about PASS Cloud Services can be found on our product page.

PASS modernizes and expands data center infrastructure

Map: Three PASS owned and ISO certified data centers in Aschaffenburg and Bad Mergentheim and two additional certified third-party data centers in Frankfurt am Main.