IT Solutions, IT Consulting and the desire to perform

IT systems have to function because IT is the number one value generator in every large organization.

This conviction motivates and drives PASS employees – they develop IT solutions, components and software generators. They research, analyze and rack their brains for the best possible results. We would be pleased to do this for you and convince you too.

Our vision is “solutions@fingertips”

Looking back at more than 30 years of software development, we have been developing state-of-the-art IT solutions for many different industries. In the future, we will provide these solutions in real time. The keyword is: solutions@fingertips.

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business travel technology news
"Business Travel Executive" magazine published an article about the trend toward consumerization of business travel booking technology. Our colleague Michael Strauss provides his input too.
Big Data for Travel: Transparenz schafft Sicherheit
The greater the number of business trips, the greater the risk. PASS PNR Retrieval increases travel safety by central provision of relevant booking data.
PASS von Lufthansa für Direct Connect zertifiziert
The PASS Consulting Group has added an interface to Lufthansa’s own API to its SolutionWorld Travel technology suite, meaning Lufthansa Group flights can now be booked directly offering additional capabilities.
Drum Cussac nutzt PASS PNR Retrieval
Drum Cussac is working on their new risk management tool in close cooperation with PASS Consulting Group.
Zertifizierung nach ISO/IEC 27001
Certified Information Security for PASS Travel Products

Events and Appointments

PASS at the GBTA Convention, the largest annual gathering of business travel professionals in the world.

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