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Travel Agent Desktop (TAD) – travel agency software

Multi-content capable online travel agency software incl. post-booking processes

The new generation travel agency software has been developed together with the global franchise system Lufthansa City Center (LCC) to provide travel agencies and TMCs with a modern, flexible and modular tool that meets the requirements of today as well as in the future. The travel agency software is based on many years of professional and technological know-how from the travel industry and enables users to integrate the complex NDC world into the booking process with just a few clicks in a simple way. Known as Bridge-IT, the tool has been an integral part of the booking technology at LCC offices since 2018. The travel agency software is continuously being expanded with new content sources and features.

From offer management through booking to post-booking processes of various service providers from different distribution channels (NDC, GDS and non-GDS content), everything is united in one clear web interface of the travel agency software.

Travel booking at the cutting edge – our travel agency software PASS Travel Agent Desktop

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With the Travel Agent Desktop (TAD) we offer an independent and modern multi-source travel agency software to handle all booking steps.

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Overall architecture of PASS Travel Agent Desktop

Our travel agency software Travel Agent Desktop (TAD) is based on our backend system Travel XML API XX1 as well as our middleware platform Travel Web API iXX1 and thus enables access to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC), further direct connections as well as Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and aggregators for flight, hotel and car rental. Furthermore, the travel agency software offers comprehensive integration with profile, midoffice and backoffice systems as well as other travel service providers.

In addition to the travel agency software Travel Agent Desktop, other applications can also be developed on top of our middleware and then use the existing services and rules. Such a solution could be, for example, a business travel management system (desktop, mobile, chat bots, etc.) or a duty-of-care platform.

Why use the PASS travel agency software?

Today agents have to book and process travel services via different travel agent selling platforms in order to provide their customers with the best offer. The decentralized handling does not follow a uniform, automated process. In some cases, data is stored redundantly in different systems. Our comprehensive all-in-one travel agency booking system is used for efficient handling and processing of single as well as multipax travel bookings. Travel agents can simultaneously search, book and process a large number of fares from different sources in one interface instead of centrally. The processes for handling bookings as well as customer communication are standardized and automated. This improves the customer experience and enables billing and reporting at corporate level. It ensures full content, optimized processes and higher customer satisfaction. With our travel agency software additional services such as lounge vouchers or extra baggage can be easily sold. Currently, PASS is also the only technology provider that has integrated Lufthansa's Book-a-Group solution.


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Highlights of the Travel Agent Desktop



Combined display of all results from different booking channels as well as booking of different travel services in one travel agency software tool (full content) provide travel agents with transparency about the possible rates as well as access to all offers and bookings.


Other revenue sources

Other revenue sources

Increased consulting quality/efficiency through integrated cross-selling. Automatic display of ancillary services relevant to the booking and sales tips/promotions. Option to dynamically display safety and advice notes for destinations via a rules engine or API.




Customizability of the travel agency software to your requirements. Integration of other functions, content providers, profile/midoffice/backoffice systems. An additional rules interface and the integrated Rules Engine allow process interventions and individual optimization.

Range of functions

Range of functions

The Travel Agent Desktop offers a comprehensive range of functions: From pre-booking to booking to post-booking as well as end-to-end workflow automation with permanent optimization and extension.


High data security

High data security

Data security through hosting in our own ISO-certified Data Center in Germany. We also take into account the data protection requirements through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).



The travel agency software is easy for users to operate because it provides an intuitive and modern graphical user interface (GUI). Therefore, it can be implemented quickly and with little training effort.

Available integrations

The following partner systems and open source tools are currently integrated into our travel agency software:

Additional connections are possible if required. All the important Global Distribution Systems and many other systems are already connected in PASS XX1 and can thus be provided in the shortest possible time. Here you can find the overview of the available connections:


Travel agency software features

The dashboard of our travel agency software provides a convenient overview of the following functions:

  • Selecting the traveler profile or entering a new traveler
  • Search of existing PNRs
  • Claim PNR: loading of group and individual bookings of an airline for further processing
  • Search of offers and travel documents
  • Queue Management: display of all queues, creation of new SPNR queues as well as display of imported PNRs from external systems (e.g. OBEs like Atlatos, Onesto, Cytric, SAP Concur)

The intelligent shopping cart guides agents, across all booking channels, more quickly through the desired trip booking:

  • Automatic prepopulation of all relevant existing data and content for booking
  • Structured itinerary display and easy addition of further travel services (such as flight, hotel, car)
  • For flights: graphical seat selection and choice of ancillary services
  • For rental cars: choice of optional services and insurances
  • Automatically and manually add Other Service Information (OSIs), Service Requests (SSRs), remarks, or Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)/Transportation Security Administration (TSA) data.
  • Additional data collection via AirPlus

After booking the contents of the shopping cart, a Super PNR is generated. This includes all services of a trip, regardless of the original distribution channel. The contents of the PNR can be further edited. This includes in particular:

  • Manual pricing
  • Issuing of Ticket/EMD
  • Add ancillary services
  • Add seat
  • Split PNR
  • Notification management (flight schedule changes, airline notifications, etc.)
  • Queueing
  • Void
  • Refund (partial refund, tax refund, EMD refund)
  • Exchange

For ticket exchange, the following options are available in our travel agency software Travel Agent Desktop:

  • Partial exchange
  • Full exchange
  • Manual exchange
  • Possibility to
    • create and send various offers before the booking, as well as
    • after the booking corresponding booking confirmations incl. calendar entry can be sent to the customer.
  • All actions are performed at the SPNR level so that services from different sources can be represented in a unified itinerary.
  • The itinerary is flexible and dynamically structured and can be easily adapted to your needs. Travel agency or customer logos are controlled from the master data.
  • Notes, advertising banners and other texts or text modules are contributed.
  • Individual notes can be added in the booking process by the travel agent.
  • In addition, other documents can be attached to a mail.
  • In general, colors, font and font size are customizable in the standard. Further adjustments like changed tables are possible, but with additional effort.

Our travel agency software is characterized by a wide range of functions. In addition, there are many other features, such as:

  • Parallel working through multi-sessions
  • Change/access to another travel agency without logging out (if authorized, e.g. call center on behalf of several branches)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation
  • Multi-language capability (German and English, expandable to other languages)
  • Quick search entries
  • Amadeus terminal (cryptic commands)
  • Rules Engine (for e.g. auto ticketing, queue management, file finishing, missed savings, filtering of results, quality checks, promotions, dynamic filling of marketing portlet, contributing dynamic content (text and banners) to mails)

The following tasks and settings can be performed in the administration area of our travel agency software:

  • Master data management (organization as well as users, roles and rights)
  • Itinerary management (e.g. advertising banners, standard attachments, etc.)
  • Setup and management of custom rules (such as queue events, remark control)
  • Definition of default settings


For users and the business department

For users and the business department

  • Automated, optimized processes and consistent data quality
  • Prepopulated data contents
  • Improved customer service
  • Intuitive use
  • Consistent look and feel of all offers, bookings, etc.
  • Parallel working possibilty through multi-sessions
For IT or division managers

For IT or division managers

  • Easy deployment of the travel agency software as a web app with support for all major web browsers
  • No installation required
  • Optimal use on the monitor, laptop or tablet
  • PASS Travel API XX1 and thus the provision of travel data can also be integrated into other front-end solutions (OBT, chatbot, apps, etc.)
For decision makers/management

For decision makers/management

  • New revenue opportunities and savings potential
  • Future-proof software for travel agencies/TMCs
  • Independence from travel suppliers
  • High security standards
  • Fully customizable travel agent selling platform and customer communications to your corporate look and feel
  • Training for the different travel service providers is no longer necessary, as a consistent look and feel is achieved


"With the Bridge-IT project, we have opened up a new path for travel distribution. The new content sources demanded and required by the customer were integrated in parallel with known GDS channels to such a depth that the end customer can be fully served via NDC, low cost and GDS. Above all, it was important for us to implement the process to the end and not to stop after the booking. This is the only way to ensure consistent quality in billing and reporting. The customer thus benefits not only from better content or better prices, but also from consistent quality. With Bridge-IT, the employees in our LCC offices have a frontend, which enables them to compare content from different sources and to process the booking in always the same way. The conceptual, strategic and continuous development of Bridge-IT is still an extremely high priority in our franchise system, even three years after its launch. With PASS, we are pleased to have someone by our side who can translate our know-how into state-of-the-art, future-proof and user-friendly technology."

Tina Roos, Senior Director Front & Midoffice Technology, Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner GmbH

"PASS has worked with Lufthansa Group airlines as an NDC technology partner from the very beginning and was one of the first providers to comprehensively implement this new distribution channel. The PASS Travel Agent Desktop can therefore be used to map Lufthansa Group airlines’ NDC Smart Offer, as well as group bookings and post-booking processes. Thus, travel agencies have a certified end-to-end NDC booking system at their disposal. The basis of this successful and very professional cooperation is the goal of jointly driving technological innovations and shaping the future of modern airline retailing."

Johannes Walter, Head of Channel Partnermanagement, Lufthansa Group

"In cooperation with Lufthansa City Center, Midoco and PASS have implemented an automated processing of bookings in Midoco Midoffice, which effortlessly ties in with the usual automated processing of the classic GDS bookings and even improves it in many points."

Jörg Hauschild, Managing Director, Midoco GmbH

"As part of the strategic cooperation with Lufthansa City Center (LCC) travel agencies, PASS is a very important technology partner for us and we are happy to work with them. Since 2018, we have been connected via XML to the PASS Travel Agent Desktop booking system and thus to the basis of the Bridge-IT reservation system used by the LCC travel agencies. Together with PASS, we have integrated the Eurowings fares as well as almost all other additional benefits and services (for both B2B and B2C). Likewise, we are constantly developing the fare world - always with a clear focus on user-friendliness and automation for LCC travel sales in order to make bookings as easy as possible for travel agents.  "

Sara Braun, Head of Channel Management & Distribution, Eurowings GmbH

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