Sustainability at PASS

Our contribution to the careful and economical use of resources


At PASS, we work every day not only to improve our services and solutions for our customers and partners, but also to make our product portfolio and work performance more resource-efficient.


PASS software products enable our customers to save CO2 directly on-site in their companies and processes. Learn more


With modern components and technologies, the processes in the PASS data centers are not only efficient, but also contribute to climate protection. Learn more


At PASS, we are constantly striving to further develop our working models and processes and adapt them to current circumstances. Learn more


With our 800 m² photovoltaic system we generate electricity directly on site. Learn more


True to the PASS principle of "individual software at the price of standard software", we regularly develop reusable systems. Learn more


Eight e-charging stations on the PASS premises and the planned expansion of the electric company car fleet provide the basis for tomorrow's mobility. Learn more

Climate protection with PASS software products

With software from PASS, CO2 can be actively saved. One example of this is our logistics business unit. There, we have already been able to help around 200 customers to save CO2 regularly through our route planning and route optimization software PLANTOUR.

But PASS can also overcompensate for its own ecological footprint. With PLANTOUR, our customers carry out around 10,000 transport tours in Germany and Europe every day. An average saving through the software solution of 47 tons of CO2 per day* (or 2,340 MW per month) by our customers compares to a monthly electricity consumption of 42 MW within the PASS Group - an overcompensation of 5,500%!

*Model calculation. Savings may vary for each customer. Based on an average trip of 10 kilometers, with a load of five tons.

Hand in hand with sustainable IT services

With modern components and technologies, the processes in the PASS data centers are not only efficient, but also make a contribution to climate protection in the spirit of sustainability and green IT. The modernization of our data center infrastructure, which was equipped with server racks and cooling systems, played a major role in this.

This effort is already having a noticeable effect: We have succeeded in reducing our electricity consumption by around 50% in 2021.

In our three ISO-certified data centers within Germany, we offer secure and dynamic cloud solutions for our customers. We regularly review our IT standards to ensure they are up to date and look for options to further optimize our processes as well as server and network structures.

Digital working models and processes

Thanks to innovative work models, we have also been able to respond decisively to the effects of the Corona pandemic and offer more than 90% of our employees a home office. Instead of the open-plan office, we rely on new digital meeting concepts and remote structures.

By working from home, our workforce has been able to protect itself from the effects of COVID-19 while reducing its own environmental footprint.

True to our principle of individual systems for the price of standard software, we regularly develop reusable and modular systems that we can adapt to the specific requirements of our customers. In this way, we not only create room for new developments towards a better digital world, but also actively save electricity within the manufacturing processes at the same time.

Investing in durable and energy-efficient PASS infrastructure

In October 2020, the switch was flipped at the PASS company headquarters in the Strietwald in Aschaffenburg. Since then, 482 solar modules on the roof ensure that the majority of our electricity needs are covered. In the process, around 141,000 kWh of green electricity can be generated annually, 80% of which is used directly on site.

Together with the approximately 800 m² photovoltaic system, PASS has put eight e-charging stations into operation on the company premises and plans to expand its electric company car fleet in the coming years. In 2024, another photovoltaic system with a generator area of 140 square meters was connected to the grid at the second site in Aschaffenburg.

Flexible development methodology with PASS process engineering

Our self-conception is the development of "individual systems based on reusable components".

A resource-saving and modular development approach is our top priority, due to our PASS process engineering and solution lines. The reuse of individual components accelerates solution delivery and reduces our workload.

Around 80% of our portfolio bandwidth can be sustainably reused. As a result, we save extensive amounts of energy in deployment.

Into the future with electric mobility

The conversion of the PASS company car fleet to electric or hybrid technology is another important aspect of our sustainability strategy and has already been implemented in part.

Eight e-charging stations on the company premises in Aschaffenburg provide the basis for tomorrow's mobility. The e-charging stations are fed directly by our solar power system and green electricity from our energy supplier.

These charging stations at the company headquarters additionally serve as an incentive for our employees to also drive forward the conversion of their private means of transport. Environmental protection and sustainability don't just start on the company premises, but also on the way between home and work.

Shaping the change with our own solar system

The switch in Aschaffenburg has been flipped: At PASS, 482 solar modules provide electricity from the company roof. Charging stations for electric cars are also available.

"Sustainability and ecological responsibility are key issues for us. With the solar installation, we are striving for extensive energy neutrality of our company building," emphasizes Gerhard Rienecker, founder and chairman of the management board of PASS Consulting Group.