Data Center

Data Center and IT outsourcing

The pressure to reduce IT costs grows from year to year and CIOs and their IT organizations are forever facing new challenges. At the same time, demands for the professional, continuous and trouble free operation of systems and solutions, are increasing all the time.

IT outsourcing

The advantages of IT outsourcing / out-tasking are cost savings, transparency and the concentration on core competencies.  Within our IT outsourcing models, we will take over for you tasks in the area of software development and maintenance, functions in IT infrastructures to the complete operation of your IT. With PASS you can utilize these advantages from IT outsourcing for the benefit of your organization.

Data Center

For more than 10 years PASS has been implementing solutions in its own data processing center for customers – currently over 50 organizations, of which half are from the finance sectors (banking, insurance). Two completely back-up-enabled data centers are the basis for individual operating models like Software as a Service (SaaS), Application Service Providing (ASP), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Cloud Services.

Availability and fail-safe security of the Data Center

Our data processing center is conceived in such a way that we can switch applications including data automatically, semi-automatically or manually from one data centre to another. We are therefore in the position to provide you the necessary availability and fail-safe security you require for your applications.

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