Test Management

PASS Test Factory

Fast reactions to market requirements are essential in highly dynamic times. Often, cost and time pressure result in reduced quality. However, particularly at complex systems quality assurance can become a bottleneck, thus leading to project delays. We face these challenges with our PASS Test Factory Model and pursue a strategy of zero defect tolerance.

The time-to-market ratio is one of the most important benchmarks to measure corporate success and can be achieved by innovative products. Therefore, expectations of IT as a business enabler require a higher productivity along with increasingly shorter development cycles.By applying efficient testing methods, powerful tools as well as a combination of process automation and test automation we are able to ensure quality assurance even at very short testing cycles. Our Test Factory therefore fulfills highest quality demands and guarantees a significant reduction in costs.

Quality assurance by the Test Factory under pressure of time

For integrating the PASS Test Factory Model into your organizational structures we make use of field-tested services of the PASS Solution Center, as for example the Migration Services for the transfer of existing quality management into the structures of the PASS Test Factory Model, or the Process Services for the optimization and automation of processes. With them, we can ensure efficient and resource-friendly transitions as well as quality-enhancing and cost-reducing effects early on.

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