E-Mail Archiving Solution

Legally secure and data protection-compliant storage of e-mails

E-Mail Archiving Solution for your mail data

Central, space-saving and mail server independent long-term archiving of e-mails and attachments

Our solution for e-mail archiving enables you to store e-mails, mail data and attachments in a legally compliant, audit-proof and GDPR-compliant long-term manner using state-of-the-art technologies such as web interfaces and a blockchain-like technology to ensure data integrity.

Deduplication avoids data redundancies within the storage and saves storage space. A function for selective e-mail archiving allows to separate private from business communication in compliance with GDPR. Our e-mail archiving software is entirely independent from any mail server. The access logging enables a professional and complete auditing as well as a blockchain-based assurance of data integrity, for a revision-proof and unchangeable storage.

The modern and intuitive web interface of our e-mail archiving solution makes working with it enjoyable. The integrated search function allows you to seek through all mail data as well as the entire archiving period. The evaluation of communication channels and data flows is simple.

Legal framework of e-mail archiving

Archiving obligations for e-mails according to GoBD, HGB and AO

Since January 1st 2017, companies have been obliged to comply with the archiving requirements according to GoBD, § 257 HGB and § 147 AO and to archive digital documents in the same way as previously paper-based documents. E-mails, mail data and attachments must always be archived accordingly if they

  • prepare,
  • process,
  • conclude or
  • reverse

a business transaction.

Depending on the type and case, the archiving obligation extends for up to 30 years. Violations can have civil and criminal law consequences for the management. Since 2018 also the GDPR must be considered and its regulations must be obeyed.

In addition to legal requirements, a company can also draw conclusions about the communication structure in the company from the structured storage of its e-mail communication. We support you in this.

Highlights of the E-Mail Archiving Software

Archiving of all e-mails

Archiving of all e-mails

All incoming and outgoing e-mails, including metadata and attachments, are archived in the PASS E-Mail Archive.


Legally compliant archiving

Legally compliant archiving

Storage in accordance with legal requirements from GoBD, HGB, AO and support of GDPR-compliant e-mail archiving, e.g. through the privacy function. This selective archiving option is used to separate private and business e-mails.


Mail server/OS independence

Mail server/OS independence

By tapping the e-mails directly at the POP3 or SMTP adapter, complete independence from a specific mail system (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.) is achieved. The e-mail archive operates on both Windows and Linux and requires no additional database.


Modern web interface

Modern web interface

Access takes place via an intuitive web interface. Various search and filter options are available (for the entire database and archiving period) as well as future evaluation and reporting options.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

A function based on the latest blockchain technology to ensure data integrity. Once saved, data cannot be changed and is therefore archived in an audit-proof manner.


Saving of storage space

Saving of storage space

By deduplicating e-mails and attachments, identical objects are only stored once and then referenced. The latter is the case, for example, with several recipients or identical attachments that are frequently sent company-wide.


Screenshots of our E-Mail Archiving Solution

Advantages of e-mail archiving

  • Compliance with legal regulations for e-mail archiving
  • Great usability thanks to modern, web-based interface
  • Various search and filter options for searching mail data and attachments over the entire archiving period
  • Privacy function for separating private and business e-mails
  • E-mail communication is stored permanently, completely structured and evaluable
  • To protect against malware in the archive, dangerous mails can be marked and the access to them can be made difficult or prevented

  • Modern, blockchain-like mechanisms to ensure data integrity
  • Redundancy-free data storage and thus saving of storage space
  • Support in complying with the requirements of the GDPR
  • Hosting of the PASS E-Mail Archive both on premise and from the PASS Cloud
  • Low infrastructure costs, as the email archive can be operated on Linux and does not require an additional database
  • LDAP/AD integration for user/rights management and automatic synchronous permissions to the mail server


We are the right partner for you, no matter if you want to use e-mail archiving solution for the first time, if the administration of e-mails is decentralized or if you want to replace an existing central e-mail archive for quality or cost reasons. Using our proven migration technology PASS Migration Factory, we master any such challenge.

Our services

Our solutions range from strategic consulting to implementation and operation of the solutions. We are therefore one of the few full-service providers in this segment and are committed to automated system migration and manufacturing processes with short project durations and a powerful GUI.

Our service includes:

  • Support for system integration

  • Migration project to replace an existing e-mail archive

  • Migration project to replace a previously decentralized archiving system

  • Training on the application

  • Training on the administration of the system

  • Hosting from the PASS Cloud

Usage Models of the E-Mail Archiving Solution

Types of use

Operation of the customer-specific e-mail archive in our data centers in Germany

Provision of e-mail archiving software as a license


No license, monthly maintenance fee

License per user/mail box or enterprise license

Additional benefits

  • migration of an existing mail archive into the PASS Archive via the Migration Factory (on request)
  • service reporting
  • participation on new minor releases
  • migration of an existing mail archive into the PASS Archive via the Migration Factory (on request)
  • participation on new minor releases
  • professional services (on request)

Is maintenance required?



Is an installation required?



Perfectly suited for

Companies who wish to host their systems and/or data by a service provider

Companies that do not wish to be hosted by a service provider

Costs for

Rent: 4.00 € (incl. VAT) per year per user/postal box

Hosting: on request

License: 6.00 € (incl. VAT) per user/mailbox

Maintenance: 2.50 € (incl. VAT) per year per user/mailbox

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