About PASS

Competence in the business units

Our business units (BU) structure the PASS competencies according to industry sectors. As a result of many years of project experience, PASS additionally offers their own software products and solutions. Due to their modular set-up, all applications can be adjusted to the requirements of the respective customer. This procedure creates individual systems at the price of standard software.

PASS Group

Members of the PASS Group

PASS IT-Consulting Dipl.-Inf. G. Rienecker GmbH & Co. KG
IT -consulting, software development, and project management

PASS Consulting Corporation
US-based company that specializes in consulting, software development, and project management for travel and tourism

PASS GCA Solution Centre Private Ltd.
India-based off shore development center

PASS Global Consulting Alliance AG
Partner network offering worldwide IT consulting and software development

PASS Holding GmbH
Holding company, parent company of the PASS group

PASS System Management AG
Specialized in IT systems monitoring, maintenance, and enhancement

PASS Financial Solutions GmbH
Specialized in projects, IT solutions based on SOA, and MDA for financial service providers

PASS Banking Solutions GmbH
Specialized in the maintenance, setting up, and enhancing of the main banking system PASS Core Banking Suite

Specialized in core banking solutions for private and foreign banks

PASS Logistics Solutions AG
Specialized in IT solutions for transport logistics

PASS Travel Solutions GmbH
Specialized in IT solutions and consulting for the travel industry

PASS Events GmbH
Specialized in marketing services and event management

PASS BPM Solutions NL BV
Specialized in business process management


Gerhard Rienecker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founder and Chairman of the PASS Consulting Group Company Executive Board

Gerhard Rienecker founded PASS in 1981 after completing his information technology studies. The topic of his thesis became the start-up idea for PASS which has not lost any of its relevance to date: He had the vision of developing individual software at the price of standard software that is based on reusable components. It was the combination of know-how and a vision which enabled Rienecker to form PASS into a globally active consulting and software house with only one objective in mind: Understanding customers and helping them to be successful with quality and innovations that make sense on the technological level. Rienecker is publisher and co-author of numerous books, such as “Building the future with creativity”, “Change as a challenge and opportunity” as well as “Business goes virtual”.

Andreas Rinner, Chief Digital Officer (CDA)

Business Center Manager R&D

Head of Business Units Technologies & Digital Business

Director PASS Digital Technologies GmbH

Biju K. Pothen, Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Member of the Board
PASS System Management AG


Head of Business Units Public Sector, Health & Telco

Thomas Dudaczy, Chief Partner Officer (CPO)

Member of the Board
PASS Global Consulting Alliance AG

Director &  Executive
PASS GCA Solution Center Private Limited (Indien)

Member of the Board
PASS Logistics Solutions AG

Sabine Nolte, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Business Center Manager Finance & Human Resources
Director PASS Consulting Services GmbH

Heidrun Fernau-Rienecker, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Head of Marketing
Director PASS Events GmbH


PASS Headquarters, Aschaffenburg

PASS Consulting Group
Schwalbenrainweg 24
63741 Aschaffenburg

Phone: +49 6021 3881 0
Fax: +49 6021 3881 400

PASS Performance Center, Frankfurt

MesseTurm, 24th Floor
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49
60308 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 668050 0
Fax: +49 69 668050 400

PASS Office, Bad Mergentheim
PASS Banking Solutions GmbH

Johann-Hammer-Str. 24
97980 Bad Mergentheim

Phone: +49 7931 964 0
Fax: +49 7931 964 299

PASS Office, Cologne
PASS Digital Technologies GmbH

Von-Hünefeld-Straße 2
50829 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 99506 0

PASS Office, Seevetal near Hamburg
PASS Multibank Solutions GmbH

Im Alten Dorf
21217 Seevetal (Fleestedt)

Phone: +49 40 36096 0
Fax: +49 40 36096 400

PASS Office, Munich

AGENDIS Business Center
Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8
81829 Munich

Phone: +49 6021 3881 0
Fax: +49 6021 3881 400

PASS Office, Stuttgart

Schlossstr. 76
70176 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 6021 3881 0
Fax: +49 6021 3881 400

PASS Office, Wuerzburg
PASS Financial Solutions GmbH

Juliuspromenade 64
97070 Wuerzburg

Phone: +49 6021 3881 700
Fax: +49 6021 3881 400


PASS Office, Miami
PASS Consulting Corporation

2525 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Suite 300
Miami, Florida 33134

Phone: +1 305 269 6975 or +1 305 200 8786
Fax: +1 305 264 6575


PASS Office, Hyderabad
PASS GCA Solutions Centre Private Limited

ILabs Centre, Opp. Inorbit Mall
Plot no. 18, 8th floor, Block D
Madhapur, Hitech City
Hyderabad 500 081

Phone: +91 40 666250 45


Since the founding of PASS Consulting Group in 1981, we have been consulting our customers on how to optimize their business processes and systems. We focus predominantly on the banking and insurance sectors, on travel, logistics, public sector, industries, telecommunications and IT. Our employees work for a better digital world. They combine IT with expertise and they live up to their profession when it comes to consulting and executing complex IT projects. The PASS Research & Development team reviews and analyses trends, evaluates technologies and assesses them within the context of scientific studies.


The business idea
Your one stop solution warehouse. The idea for individual software development at the price of standard software emerged from the thesis "Use of micro computers in operational organization" written by Gerhard Rienecker, founder of PASS. It was the corner stone for PASS Consulting Group.

1981 - 1983

The business concept takes shape, followed by initial projects and PC solutions for customers.


Success and growth lead to geographical and staffing expansion within Germany. The PASS Consulting Center Frankfurt opens its doors. This will also be the location for the PASS Academy which offers a wide range of internal and external employee and customer training programs. PASS becomes a regular host for community events in these spacious premises.


PASS EDV-Beratung is renamed to PASS IT-Consulting Group. Using an english title in Germany emphasizes that PASS is increasingly switching to large accounts and thus to the international arena.

1996 - 1999

The international customer base of PASS keeps growing with new customers especially in the US. The founding of PASS Consulting Corporation with branches in New York and Miami is the logical consequence of this development. At the same time, the company stays on expansion course in Germany opening more branches in Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

Software development centers are founded in Hyderabad, India and Würzburg, Germany.


PASS IT-Consulting Group becomes PASS Consulting Group.
The influence of IT on the business processes becomes obvious more and more. IT and management topics really cannot be separated from one another, which is why PASS expands their portfolio by the traditional business consulting. In order to also acknowledge this development externally, the name has again been changed by this small yet significant detail.


The branch concept makes room for a new strategy. PASS is the initiator of Global Consulting Alliance (GCA), a worldwide IT company network. The associated partners offer GCA services in their respective home markets. This way, GCA is able to provide one face to the customer anywhere in the world.


GCA Germany is launched, leading to a continuous increase of the partner network in Germany.


New profile
PASS opts for a new presentation of the entire service portfolio in order to present their entire IT and consulting skills to the market in a transparent way. The new profile basically consists of the four elements:

  • Research
  • Project
  • Software
  • Service


PASS has been on a quality mission with the title "Good to great". The objective is to achieve perfection in customer orientation, organization and leadership based upon expertise and values. These values include honesty, respect, responsibility and independence.

2017 - present

Our mission is to achieve a better digital world. By means of modern technologies we create innovative improvements for our customers. These result in IT-solutions as well as IT-products.

An experience that moves

PASS Late Year Benefit Concert 2019

The proceeds of this 17th Late Year Benefit Concert will – as always – be passed on to children and youth projects.

What will the proceeds and donations be used for?

Most of the money will be used to support the FLY & HELP Foundation, which establishes schools in developing countries worldwide. Specifically, we are financing the construction of a school in the island state of Madagascar. This already poor country has been devastated by severe storms and floods. The children there are lacking in everything: food, clothing, medicine, but also school education – and unfortunately this is often the first to be neglected. We donate the second part of the money to the youth work of regional team sports clubs.

In total, more than half a million euros have been donated to children's and youth projects since the Late Year Benefit was established. We would like to thank all our supporters for providing wonderful tombola prizes and our guests for coming and for their generosity in donating and buying lots!

About the PASS Late Year Benefit

PASS has been organising this benefit concert since 2003. The proceeds always benefit children and youth projects and are distributed to at least two different projects, which we select from year to year. We always donate a part of the proceeds to the youth work of regional team sports clubs in order to make a meaningful contribution on our own doorstep. The Late Year Benefit always takes place on the Saturday before the 1st Advent in the Alte Oper Frankfurt. Well, in 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic, there will be no Event but we look forward to 2021!

Local Hero meets Superstar

The PASS Late Year benefit concert this year had the motto: "Local Hero meets Superstar". Superstar Milow delighted 1800 listeners with a solo concert. Only with his unique voice and accompanying himself on the guitar, the sympathetic Belgian fascinated the audience from the very first song.

Before, the local hero, Andy Ost and his band, had conquered the hearts of the guests. His combination of disarming comedy and rousing music formed the successful prelude to a long, festive and cheerful benefit evening. At the following After-Show-Party the tombola as well as the band Beatkicks in the restaurant Opéra provided for party mood and the perfect conclusion of this special evening.


Soccer and handball – since many years we have been actively engaged in top-class sports in the Rhein-Main-Region. Currently we are sponsor of the following clubs:

SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg, Bavarian League North

Viktoria Aschaffenburg is a traditional football club from Aschaffenburg and the most successful football club in the Bavarian Lower Main region. PASS has been sponsoring Viktoria since the 2014/2015 season. Following their promotion and relegation, the team is now back in the Bavarian League North. All the best!

TV Grosswallstadt, 2nd German Handball League

Since 2007 we are supporting the TV Grosswallstadt (TVG). With seven German championships, four DHB Cup victories and five international titles, it is still one of the most successful handball clubs in Germany. The Club now plays in the 2nd German League and fights its way back into the 1st League - where they belong ;-).

"Ewige Liebe", their new Claim, means "Eternal Love".

PASS Consulting supports TVG Juniors Academy e.V.

Donation of 20.000 € for TVG Juniors Academy

Gerhard Rienecker, founder and CEO of PASS, donates 20.000,00 € to the TVG Juniors Academy privately. On motivation, Rienecker said: "The last handball world championships once again made it clear to me how important the young talents centre in Großwallstadt is. Andreas Wolff and Jannik Kohlbacher are two players in the German national team who were trained at the Grosswallstadt Handball Performance Center (HBLZ) and started their active careers in the region, in Kirchzell and Grosswallstadt. It is very important to me that the HBLZ can continue to develop young players of this quality. Not only the region, but the whole of Germany is certainly happy about the past and future achievements. I wish those responsible a fortunate hand in the selection, promotion and development of talent."

Walter Klug said on the occasion of the handover: "We are delighted and thank you for this generous donation. We will invest it in the individual performance enhancement of talents and in scouting."