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Books on Productivity in Software Development by PASS

Productivity Enhancement in Software Development – Volume 1 Hardcover, Productivity Enhancement in Software Development – Volume 1 Paperback, Productivity Enhancement in Software Development – Volume 2 HardcoverProductivity Enhancement in Software Development – Volume 2 Paperback (2018)

The founding idea of PASS in 1981 was: Development of individual software at the price of standard software on the basis of reusable components. Although this founding mission has since undergone numerous modernizations, at its core are three essential requirements for our software development: its productivity, i.e. output with optimal use of resources, its flexibility or adaptability, and its quality. PASS has created its own procedures for productive software development, first and foremost the Software Factory for the automated generation of program code. To measure productivity, the DIP method was developed, which is based on an automated count of so-called Data Interaction Points.

The book Productivity Enhancement in Software Development provides deep insights into measurement tools, management models and implementation.

The PASS series

Innovations (1998), (1999), Building a creative future (1999), Change as a challenge and chance (2000), Business goes virtual (2001), Quality - that's IT (2011) – Language: German

Admittedly, many of our publications are ten years old or more. It is therefore all the more astonishing to see how up-to-date their texts are, except for terms that have been modernized in the meantime. The word digitization, for example, is largely covered by "information technology". Today, no one would say "How information technology is changing the economy and society".

When reading, it is exciting to see what has turned out to be the future projections made here, and this is what makes the books so worth reading and so amazing. They have lost none of their expressiveness and usefulness.

Books by our experts

Value Creation in Travel Distribution (2010)

In many years of practical experience, PASS employees have become experts in their field. This includes publishing books and articles themselves. Here we present the authors and their books. These are highly specialized and industry-specific treatises on digitization topics. At the end of the biographies, we have also linked articles by the experts that have appeared in our specialist blogs.