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In the business unit travel we bundle services and IT solutions for the travel and tourism industries. Within product development, we offer customized travel solutions based on the technology-suite Solution World Travel.

Our travel solutions are in use by reputable airlines and agencies in over 57 countries. Our customers include solution providers such as two out of the three top TMCs and a large financial institution (DER, Omega World Travel, Lufthansa City Center, Unique Vacations, Lucky Tours, the Globus Family of Brands, Cvent/Lanyon,Travix, Airtrade, Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruise Lines, Centrav, Freebird). We are also closely working with suppliers, such as Global Distribution Systems like Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport. In addition, we provide IT solutions and consulting services to alternative distributers such as Farelogix and service providers like Lufthansa.


Exchanging knowledge and experience with all the participants in the market as well as creating and shaping developments in the travel industry is important to us. Therefore we have joined the following organizations.

Data protection

We consider data protection as far more than just our legal duty. Learn more about this topic in our Data Protection Policy. Furthermore, we are also PCI DSS certified.

What our customers say

Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff

"The collaboration was characterised by a high grade of professionalism. We thank you and all involved colleagues for the effort and the outstanding/very good result."

Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff

Senior Manager

Lufthansa German Airlines

PASS Consulting Travel Expertise



Frank Wester

“PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS functionality integrated in our Travel Technology Solutions delivers an efficient and scalable solution”

Frank Wester


Airtrade Holland BV

Travel XML API



"We were able to accelerate the complete process chain – not least due to the extensive automation. The bottom line is we were able to achieve tangible time and cost savings."

Global financial institution

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Corporate Booking Tool



Charles Dessonet

"What impresses us most about PASS PNR Retrieval is its performance and flexibility: We are able to integrate it into our systems quickly, efficiently and configure it as required."


Charles Dessonet

Service Delivery Manager

Drum Cussac

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Choose the Best Solution for your Business

For further information and to identify which solution will best fit your needs, see the following chart. In addition please also read the footnotes below.

 Travel XML API (XX1) Online Booking Tool (OBT)Agent Desktop (VTO)Internet Booking Engine (IBE)




Leisure Agency




















Details Regarding the Solutions Shown Above

For TMCs:

1 Ideal for multi-GDS/multi-source TMCs that develop their own front-ends or other services.

2 Build-to-order: Ideal for TMCs that want to provide their customers with their own booking system, which is tailored to the requirements of businesses, specialties or offerings of the TMCs or both. An additional advantage is their independency from providers within the value chain. BTO could also be more attractive from a financial perspective if there is a flat fee for software instead of a transaction fee.

3 Ideal for TMCs that want to provide their next generation of agents with an up-to-date multi-source Agent Desktop from an independent provider and at the same time want to have the opportunity to optimize their content-sourcing (yield management).

For Leisure Agencies:

4 Ideal for multi-GDS/multi-source leisure agencies that develop their own front-ends or other services.

5 Ideal for leisure agencies and tour operators that want to provide their next generation of agents with an up-to-date multi-source Agent Desktop from an independent provider and at the same time want to have the opportunity to optimize their content-sourcing (yield management).

6 Ideal for agencies, tour operator and/or consolidators that want to build or replace their own website booking engine in accordance with their special needs. Pls. note that we do currently not offer off-the-shelf IBEs. Our IBEs are build-to-order. In addition we do not offer fulfillment services. If you are looking to find an off-the-shelf IBE that includes fulfillment, pls. contact us with your anticipated booking volume and we will forward your request to one of our partners in the appropriate region.

For Technology Providers:

7 Ideal for technology providers that develop and sell booking systems (e.g. Internet Booking Engines, Corporate Booking Engines, Agent Desktops, File Finishing, Quality Control ) or need PNR retrievals (e.g. for the provisioning of security services similar to those offered by Medex, International SOS, iJet or On Call International).

8 Ideal for technology providers (e.g. travel expense provider) that want to expand their technology range in the travel sector by shopping, booking and ticketing capabilities.

9 Ideal for providers that want access to, or provide content of booking systems (e.g. a hotel, resort or cruise line, that wants include air and/or car transportation into their booking system or an airline that wants to include car or accommodation into their offerings).

For Suppliers:

10 Ideal for suppliers that want to provide their own CBE on the market (e.g. corporate airline websites).

11 Suppliers that want to provide an Agent Desktop to agencies/TMCs that may or may not  include e.g. special features which are not available through the GDS.

For Corporations:

12 Ideal for corporations or enterprises to optimize in-house trips (e.g. monitoring of booked PNRs for better availability, as a part of their quality control).

13 Large, globally operating companies that want to unify their in-house travel worldwide and offer their employees a globally unified booking system, which will help them collect global data and improve negotiations with suppliers as well as reduce their overall distribution expense for travel management and booking tools.

14 Multinational companies often find themselves in the situation that they share different booking systems in different parts of the world and therefore have challenges in the consolidation of the data. With a tool that is specifically designed (build-to-order) according to the request of the company, this challenge is solved. In addition it can also be more attractive from a financial perspective if there is a flat fee for software instead of one or more transaction fee(s).

15 Ideal for TMCs or provider that e.g. serve a niche market (e.g. small or medium enterprises), which are not able to find suitable off-the-shelf products, that meet their requirements or needs.

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