PASS Cloud Computing Services

Private cloud solutions from Germany for enterprises

Secure and dynamic cloud solutions from Germany for enterprises

Private cloud: Control and security for your IT infrastructure

The need to operate state-of-the-art and controlled IT infrastructures while managing both regulatory requirements and security threats poses significant challenges for many organizations.

We provide you with individual cloud solutions for your critical IT systems. In our certified data centers within Germany, your IT infrastructure is operated with the utmost care and state-of-the-art technology. The result is a secure, compliant, modern, scalable and controllable IT infrastructure that is oriented towards German and European standards. Professional, scalable, reliable and transparent IT services ensure a cloud made-to-measure. In this way, we guarantee maximum security and control over your IT for you.

Why PASS Cloud Computing Services?

The demands on a company's own IT infrastructure are increasing. Technologies are becoming obsolete at ever shorter intervals, and companies must comply with regulatory requirements, e.g. in terms of data protection, security, documentation. At the same time, cyber-attacks, industrial espionage and data theft – to name just a few – are steadily increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Therefore it is necessary to place the IT infrastructure in the care of professional IT service providers. The question here is whether to choose a large, international cloud computing service provider or one that is subject to German or European law.

Data centers in Germany

According to the "Cloud Monitor 2020" study by Bitkom Research on behalf of KPMG, 76 percent of all companies surveyed used cloud computing in 2019. The overwhelming majority use a private cloud. Two-thirds of all companies using, planning or discussing cloud solutions insist on a data center in Germany. PASS is responding to this need with its offering.


Cloud Service architecture

Certified cloud environment

PASS provides cloud environments that are hosted and operated in the own, ISO-certified data centers in Germany. Companies can choose between different forms of operation (cloud service models): SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, see below. In addition, scalable managed (IT) services, see below, are available. This allows our customers to determine the scope of support provided by PASS themselves.

Cloud service models

Managed (IT) Services

Highlights of our cloud solutions



The dynamics of your requirements for cloud services are taken into account in our usage models. The fast and smooth adaptation of resources is a matter of course for us.



The following applies to all our cloud soltuions: Our customers determine the features of the services down to the smallest detail. Our usage models take this flexibility fully into account.

Full Service Provider

Full Service Provider

With us, you get everything from a single source: consulting, implementation, provision via the portal and operation in our own data centers in Germany.



We have three mirrored data centers within Germany. In the unlikely event of a disaster, we can guarantee that your systems will run stably and remain highly available.

Additional services

Additional services

We provide you with numerous additional services for use from the cloud, e.g. archiving solutions (data, e-mails, and documents), a cloud cockpit or use of the cloud factory.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We provide all cloud services in our own data centers in Germany. This is an important aspect with regard to data protection, standards and trust through proximity.

This is what you achieve with our cloud platform

Solid foundation for further digitization

The basis for digitizing your company is high-performance, flexible IT that can adapt to changing requirements in terms of performance, changes in technology, regulation, etc.


You get transparent security architecture. Protection against e.g. data loss and cyber-attacks is especially important when companies want to move critical business information and personal data to the cloud. Our Cloud is certified and secured with all necessary procedures so that your data and applications are protected in the best possible way.

Governance Risk Compliance

Compliance with the most important ordinances, regulatory requirements and standards, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is an integral part of all our cloud solutions.


You determine what you use. Our pricing models are transparent; the usage models are flexible and are based on your requirements and goals. Complete transparency and calculability are guaranteed at all times.

Your benefit

Time saving

Time saving

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure gives you time and peace of mind to focus on your core business. At the same time, you are technologically up to date and compliant with regulatory requirements.

 Planning reliability

Planning reliability

By using cloud solutions, you gain full transparency over your costs and high investment security. Thanks to scalability, you have the option of expanding or reducing the services at any time, depending on your business requirements.



Switching to cloud solutions brings enormous cost savings - especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) - particularly by eliminating the need to operate their own IT infrastructure with all its requirements for security, regulation, documentation, personnel expenses and modern technology.



New business models and other requirements, which also need to be supported by IT, can be implemented much faster with cloud services because they are scalable. We also offer numerous additional services and business solutions in the cloud.

PASS Cloud Computing Services stand for...

  • over 300 customers using our cloud solutions
  • long-standing customer relationships
  • mature, flexible cloud service models
  • three own certified data centers in Aschaffenburg and Bad Mergentheim (Germany)
  • two external certified data center in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • high security standards

PASS Cloud Portal with additional services

Archiving Solutions

Whether long-term storage of data and e-mails that are no longer used or digital document archiving with automatic editing and processing: With PASS archiving solutions, you have your data assets under control.

Private Cloud Factories

Multi-cloud or hybrid cloud services

Do you want to develop cloud solutions, migrate them to the cloud and test them? Do you need additional tools? PASS multi-cloud tools can be used in the PASS Cloud or in other cloud environments. They include:



Cloud Cockpit


  • Cloud portal with additional services
  • SLA Management

With a cloud cockpit tailored to your needs, you maintain full control of your cloud solutions made by PASS at all times. The functions of the Cloud Dashboard include:

  • Complete overview and insight into service level fulfillment
  • Flexible resource bookings via the platform products and the add-on products


IT Security Management System (ISMS)

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