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Corporate events live and benefit from interaction. For both, corporate events (internally, limited to employees) and business events (externally, when customers are involved), communication is at the heart of the event. The digital age opens up new possibilities of exchange. With the PASS app for corporate and business events your event is digitally supported and the interaction of all participants is encouraged.

The event app solution offers a variety of individual features that you can select according to the event. The program and the associated dates are made available in real time. This allows you, as the event organizer, to react immediately to last-minute changes to the program or times and to communicate these to the participants as soon as they become known. During the individual program points, surveys can be carried out, which, for example, enliven lectures through interaction and involve the auditorium. The survey results are available immediately and can optionally be displayed, analyzed or commented on directly. In addition, the app's chat function offers another interaction option between all participants of your event. Depending on the DSGVO consent, a gallery is also available. These and other configurable features result in customized apps for your meetings, conferences or other events.

Via a dashboard page, you as the event organizer can independently maintain and edit all event-related content, e.g. agenda items (create and adjust), live polls (create, publish and view results), audience questions (view and share) or push notifications (create, e.g. real-time messages). Changes are immediately reflected in the event app.

The event app can be made available to participants via a protected download area or distributed to all via the app stores for Android and iOS.

Advantages of the event app solution


  • Organization of entire events via the event app
  • Fast adjustment of agenda items and communication of changes via push notifications
  • Interactive design of events with live polls
  • Evaluation options for the follow-up of events (feedback, key figures)
  • Increase motivation and fun factor for participants through a central information source
  • Knowledge transfer can be continued beyond the event through the app


  • Increased interaction among the participants during the event, e.g. through live voting or live questions
  • Quickly and easily obtain all important information for the event
  • Easy organization and implementation of carpools with participants via the event app
  • Interdisciplinary exchange (e.g. via a wall of ideas) and team building are encouraged

Support of the event app by the PASS event ticketing system

Digital registration and administration via event ticketing system is possible

In addition to the event app, registration and management of a corporate event can also be handled digitally via our event ticketing system. All interested parties can register for the event online. For events lasting several days, you can also register for individual days or time slots. This gives you an up-to-date overview of the number of visitors at any time.


Both our customers and the PASS Group itself have been using the customized PASS event app solution since 2012. PASS' clientele includes large tech companies as well as SMEs such as law firms or event agencies.

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