Digital strategy consulting

Strategy consulting for digital transformation

Digital strategy consulting

Do you have a digital strategy?
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The fourth industrial revolution has begun with digitization. IT has long been a motor for automation and optimization, while digitalization is increasingly penetrating all areas of life, technology and industry. The transformation is changing markets and corporate landscapes ever faster. Driven by digital natives, consumer and purchasing behavior continues to develop. IT systems acquire skills that were previously reserved for human beings alone.

In such an environment there are many opportunities, but also risks. The increasing digitalization is a challenge that all companies have to face and that affects all areas of a company. The questions to be solved can be manifold: from the digital business model and partner platforms to internal process automation in the sense of a real-time enterprise; or the enrichment of one's product portfolio with digital intelligence and, finally, a technological convergence strategy which makes digitalization possible in the first place. For these and other challenges, companies need consulting partners to support them.

With Digital Strategy Consulting by PASS you set the course for your digital future

We are aware of the special challenges that digitalization brings with it and draw on 37 years of know-how in this field. With the help of our digitization consulting we accompany our clients on their path to digital transformation and support them in making the most of potential opportunities.

Our digital strategy consulting is a service for companies of all sizes and industries. We have assembled a top team of experts who, building on our self-developed framework, provide support for companies on the subject of digitization – from digital strategy, organization and methods to processes and technologies. With our in-house research team, we monitor current developments and are successively expanding our team of experts for digital key technologies.



Your digital opportunities


The degree of digitization usually has a direct influence on the economic success of your company, be it through the development of new sales potentials or the reduction of costs. Raise your potential!

Digital Services

For digital natives, each product only becomes an experience through digital (additional) services. In a highly competitive market it is often these services that make the difference and lead to a purchase decision. Is your portfolio attractive enough?


Innovations only once a year? In a digital world this is not enough. Both customer demands and trends are constantly changing. The ability to react quickly becomes an important asset in the battle for market share.


Agile Methods

Act agile. Traditional process models can be an obstacle when it comes to fast solutions. Check whether your organization and methods meet current requirements. What do you think of Best Practice?

Highlights of our digital strategy consulting

Quick Check Digitization

Quick Check Digitization

By determining the degree of digitization in a very short time, companies receive an initial analysis of their current state of  digitization and an assessment of possible opportunities for digitization.

Own method: Digital Framework

Own method: Digital Framework

With our Digital Framework, we have developed our own method of analyzing and implementing digitization initiatives. With the help of this holistic approach, established process models are combined with new agile methods.

Pool of experts

Pool of experts

Our team consists of technical experts who cover all areas of digitization – from platforms and processes to organizational change management.  In addition, we work closely together with research and science and are able to address all issues appropriately with our partners.



We have been active in the market for 37 years. From the very beginning, independence has been and still is one of the essential requirements, both for the shareholder structure and for the product portfolio. This guarantees objective advice on digitization without conflicts of interest and the security of optimum advice for companies.

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source

With deep industry expertise and a comprehensive portfolio, from business consulting to application development to SaaS solutions as well as data center operations, we offer the right solution to meet your unique needs.

Approach of the digital strategy consulting

Digital consulting comprises both strategy/analysis (envisioning) and the actual implementation (transformation).

Envisioning process

Phase 1: The starting point of a digital strategy is thestrategy/analysis. At the beginning of a project, we use our Quick Check in a short, focused analysis to examine various aspects of your current situation and determine the initial digitization potential.

Phase 2: The identified digitization potentials are further elaborated with regard to costs and benefits in order to be able to make well-founded decisions on their implementation.

Phase 3 (optional): Afterwards, all open potentials must be considered.

Together with you, we determine the focal points of our analysis using so-called digitization dimensions and associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The general dimensions of digitization refer to the entire company. Whereas the process dimensions of digitization concern more specific aspects, such as the process landscape.

Transformation process

Phase 4: The transformation begins – optionally – with a feasibility study of the measures already identified. These can be technical prototypes, but also the testing of a new agile process model.

Phase 5: The measures are then fully implemented. Here, customers benefit in particular from the extremely fast implementation of software implementations based on our frameworks for app and application generation, which do not require large coding cycles.

Phase 6: At a suitable distance from the project phase, we analyse the new situation and examine how the digitization measures taken will work. The KPIs collected in the Smartfield analysis are measured again in order to obtain an objective evaluation of the optimization achieved.



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