Route planning software and route optimization

Forward-looking route scheduling with PLANTOUR

Route planning software and route optimization

PLANTOUR – the cross-industry route scheduling

With route planning and route optimization, shipping orders are planned for vehicles and efficiently sequenced so that all restrictions (such as business hours, capacities, breaks, etc.) are observed and so that all applicable transportation costs are minimized as much as possible at the same time. Our cross-industry route planning software PLANTOUR supports you from manual route scheduling to automated, unrestricted optimization.

Coverage of all dispositive business processes

With its basic functions, our route planning software covers all dispositive business processes, from strategic, tactical and operational planning to implementation and subsequent controlling. In order to meet your individual requirements, our route planning software can be supplemented by various additional modules, which can be activated via remote maintenance without any major installation effort.

Our route planning with PLANTOUR is so easy and user-friendly.

Update of the new version

Inform yourself about the PLANTOUR release 2021 with many new features, functionalities and revisions.

Savings Calculator

Determine your cost reduction through optimized route planning

Find out how much money you can save by using our intelligent route planning software PLANTOUR! Our savings calculator shows you your individual cost saving in real time.


Core features of our route planning software

Free Route Optimization

Free Route Optimization

The optimization algorithms developed by PASS carry out automated planning of transportation orders for the most diverse requirements.

Score tours

Score tours

Recurring orders are automatically planned and optimized for predefined routes via score tours.

Planning by drag & drop

Planning by drag & drop

Each planning result can be changed by the dispatcher via drag & drop. Our basic approach: The dispatcher is the expert, our system is the tool.

Collection and delivery operations

Collection and delivery operations

Our route scheduling supports both inbound and outbound logistics including pick-up & shipment as well as orders with varying loading locations.


Key performance-indicator-based planning

Key performance-indicator-based planning

You use your own quality criteria to define when the planning is good. Our route planning software enables modeling of your individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).



Our route scheduling adjusts itself to your workflow – not the other way around.



The route planning software can work with any other system. Either by using standard interfaces or through our integration layer.

Usage models

Usage models

Buying, renting, in your own data center or in the PASS Cloud – the right usage model for every requirement.

Other PLANTOUR features

  • Automatic set-up and expansion planning
  • Day/multi-day routes with single/multiple use
  • Can be integrated into terminal server environments
  • Blocking of streets directly by the dispatcher

  • Simulation of various planning variants
  • Planning on the map, the grid or both at the same time
  • Detailed authorization management
  • Multi-user and multi-organization through client server

  • Individual KPIs for measurement of planning quality
  • Replaceable maps (possible additional costs)
  • Support via remote maintenance
  • Multilingualism

Benefits of our route planning software



  • Tour scheduling through tailor-made algorithms
  • Straightforward detailed scheduling and rescheduling
  • High flexibility, transparency and efficiency
  • Automatic consideration of restrictions
  • Time saving creates space for other activities


  • Automation in the age of digitalization
  • Planning reliability and reduction of dependencies
  • Economization of driving and wear and tear
  • Consideration of your individual KPIs
  • Consistent from order picking to controlling


  • Increase of delivery speed
  • Adherence to lead times and deadlines
  • Responsiveness to deadline changes
  • Confidence through integration into the supply process
  • Satisfaction through adherence to  quality standards


  • Protection of the environment
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Economical driving thanks to telematics*
  • Increased road safety *
  • Relaxed drivers thanks to realistic tour guidelines

* Use of telematics and telemetry add-ons required

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Cross-industry route planning software and route optimization

We have special expertise in the following sectors

Our route planning software is suitable for all industries. We have selected the following industries as examples, in which we have particularly extensive experience:



  • Smart accumulation
  • Planning of two-man crew
  • Consideration of labor values
  • Vehicle contractual constraints such as kitchens, reclamation, etc.
  • Planning of pick-ups from external warehouses
  • Appointment notifications to the customer directly from planning


  • Customer driver commitment by means of score tours
  • Automatic order accumulation
  • Planning of one man and two-man crew
  • Consideration of complication factors
  • Vehicle constraints such as side loaders, etc.
  • Empties management
Trade and food

Trade and food

Trade and food
  • Support of multi-day tours
  • Branch delivery with multiple time windows
  • Vehicle group restrictions for branch access
  • Orders and shipments to the Colli-level
  • Pre-scheduling with approximate volumes
  • Empties and pallet management
Money and valuables transport

Money and valuables transport

Money and valuables transport
  • Cash In / Cash Out / Pickup & Delivery
  • Detailed multiple time windows
  • Special personnel / vehicle group restrictions
  • Rendezvous orders, such as special filling of ATMs
  • Consideration of turn restrictions and median strips

Lightweight web app and integration of route planning into your in-house systems

Do you only plan sporadically or do you only have a very small fleet, so that a tour planning system is supposedly not worthwhile? Or are you looking for a solution that you can transparently integrate directly into your own ERP or TMS systems? Then find out more about our MAPSERVICES.

Our customers

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Our added values for your company

Industry know-how

  • We understand the language and requirements of the industries
  • Solution for special challenges such as customer opening times or availability of the orders
  • Reference installation for companies operating nationwide

Algorithm know-how

  • Algorithms developed by PASS for strategic and operational optimization tasks
  • Result of several man-years of development, tried and tested in practical applications
  • Meeting industry-specific requirements by means of targeted algorithms

100 % autonomy

  • PASS is a true optimizer with no third-party components, no white labeling of basic components such as geocoding or optimization algorithms
  • TomTom as partner for geodata in raw format for optimal network coverage

Additional logistics solutions

Take advantage of additional programs from our logistics portfolio directly in PLANTOUR. The complete integration allows for maximum efficiency when evaluating location issues or for make-or-buy decisions at tour level.

 Location planning and optimization

Location planning and optimization

Location matters: strategic location optimization

Evaluate and optimize cost structures on the basis of customer and depot locations by means of a simulation directly on the basis of operative data from route planning and thus improve your supply structures.

Freight calculation

Freight calculation

Well-founded decision support for the allocation of tours

Achieve make-or-buy decisions for tours directly during planning. Planned tours are evaluated with the tariff structure of your transport service providers and compared with the costs of your own vehicle fleet.

Supplemental add-ons

In addition to the integration of further logistics software, our route planning software can be extended with further components to add functionality.


Packaging materials management

No more lost pallets

Do you want transparency with regard to your loading equipment in circulation? The loss due to lost loading equipment quickly amounts to several thousand euros, even for small businesses.

Forget about the use of paper-pallet notes. With the loading equipment management in PLANTOUR and the connected telematics, you automatically manage the loading equipment account towards your customers during order processing with the mobile terminal. You are now able to evaluate the account balance in the planning center. The module can be used for any type of loading equipment as well as for empties.

Delivery notification

Inform your customers directly from the planning stage

Offer top service and avoid waiting times by using the notification module. After completion of the planning process, the planned arrival time is communicated directly from PLANTOUR via mouse click.

If you use our route planning software together with the telematics solution, planning deviations can be transmitted automatically or automatic reminders can be sent by using geofencing such as: “Your order will be delivered to your location in approximately 60 minutes”.

Tour number matrix

Complex score tours without ERP system

You have complex distributed branch deliveries throughout the week, and would like to display these in score tours? Usually, score tours are specified by the ERP system in which the route number for an order has already been specified before the route scheduling.

With the Tour Number Matrix Module, you can also model complex score tours in PLANTOUR without an ERP system by simply specifying the number per weekday with the customer. You work independently from the ERP system and control the scheduling from where it belongs: directly in the route planning software.

PLANTOUR Business Intelligence

Informed at a glance

Our standard route planning software already offers comprehensive reporting options, both with pre-defined standard reports and with the option of integrating individual customer reports.

We have created the PLANTOUR BI interface for those who would like to gain a deeper insight into the data. The module allows you to integrate the PLANTOUR database into your existing business intelligence tool or you can entrust us with the implementation of your individual analysis requirements in a BI tool.

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