Savings Calculator for route planning

Determine your cost reduction through optimized route planning


Enter your current performance and cost parameters as well as the expected savings potential of your tours and our Savings Calculator for route planning determine your individual savings potential immediately without entering further data. From our experience, cost savings can be up to 15%. The savings potential is based on approximate values that we have determined from over 100 customer projects and which may vary depending on the project.


Input parameters




Savings potential

kg CO2
kg CO2
Tour length (km)
Duration (min)
Costs (€)
CO2 emission (kg)

*The CO2 emission is only an approximate value based on a weight of 5t/vehicle. Values may deviate in real driving conditions. No guarantee or liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness of the CO2 calculation.

You want to have your potential evaluated more precisely? Then use our free Quick Check. For this you provide us (anonymized) your delivery data and we carry out a free test optimization in our route planning software  PLANTOUR. Finally, we present and discuss the results with you.