Core Banking System

The complete solution for banks from a single source

Our Core Banking System supports the entire business model of a bank

The complete solution for banks from a single source

While financial institutions have to react to market changes more dynamically and in ever shorter cycles, the demands on core banking systems are also increasing. Many banks are using IT systems that have already reached their capacity limits in the wake of this development.


With our core banking system, your financial institution has a powerful portfolio of features that can be adapted easily and flexibly to new business models and thus can replace outdated, rigid structures. The PASS SolutinWorld Banking maps the complete business and process model of financial service providers, e.g. private banks, foreign banks, retail banks and fund custodians, and also meets the individual needs of their customers. Both active and passive banking transactions can be handled and processed using the system.

Banking from a single source

The modularity of our banking solution facilitates the fast, easy enhancement of the functional range if required, thus considerably reducing the time to market of new banking products. The integrated rules engine ensures a high degree of automation and helps to keep the manual work of your employees to a minimum while maintaining quality. Of course, our core banking system also covers all of the regulatory and technical requirements of a financial institution.

Highlights of the Core Banking System



With its comprehensive, module-based scope of functions, the PASS SolutionWorld Banking covers all of banks’ requirements.



Connect and disconnect modules easily and without a great deal of effort, totally in line with your current needs.



The modular design of our core banking solution makes it possible for you to react quickly and easily to changing requirements.



Our solution packages can be run on virtually all technological platforms, e.g., IBM System i, z/OS and any Unix platform with Java or .NET. 

Functions of our Core Banking System

Payment Transactions

Payment Transactions

Payment Transactions
  • Client account
  • Current account
  • Checks/credit cards
  • Standing orders/direct debits
  • SWIFT payment transactions
  • SEPA payment transactions
  • Foreign payment transactions
  • Cash desk
  • Interbank business


Credit Transactions

Credit Transactions

Credit Transactions
  • Credit types (e.g. consumer loans, overdraft facilities, construction financing, collateral management, guarantee bonds, loans/installment loans)
  • Bills of exchange
  • PASS Schufa Engine
  • Automatic balance sheet analysis
  • Rating
  • Self-disclosure
  • Fund review
Deposit Transactions

Deposit Transactions

Deposit Transactions
  • Savings accounts/special savings types
  • Overnight/futures deposits
Securities Transactions

Securities Transactions

Securities Transactions
  • Securities transactions/
    portfolio management
  • § 9 WpHG notification
  • Security account A (proprietary trading)
  • Security account B (customer accounts)
Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management
  • Money/coin trading
  • Foreign exchange
  • Variety/traveller's cheques
  • Safes
  • Deposits
 Accounting Management

Accounting Management

 Accounting Management
  • Accounts payable/accounts receivable accounting
  • Cost/activity accounting
  • Account management
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Asset accounting
  • Taxes
 Enterprise and Risk Management

Enterprise and Risk Management

 Enterprise and Risk Management
  • Compliance (e.g. AML, sanctions/embargo, PEP, § 24 KWG)
  • Regulatory reporting system (incl. COREP, FINREP, AnaCredit)
  • Risk and bank management (e.g. risk capacity, rating/scoring, internal reporting)
Additional Functions

Additional Functions

Additional Functions
  • Master data/CRM
  • Documentary business abroad
  • Online banking
  • Add-ons: Loan app incl. budget calculator, sales app for workflow-controlled account deposits


Information on our Core Banking System specifically for foreign banks

Our modular Core Banking System for foreign banks covers all individual requirements of a foreign bank. Here you will find further information on our Foreign Banks System.

Usage models of our Core Banking System

License model, installation in your own infrastructure or SaaS

For whom is the model suitable?

Customers with their own data center which ensures fulfillment of the requirements for safe banking operations

Customers with their own data center who want to outsource maintenance and application management of their system

Customers without their own data center but with increasing demands on secure banking operations


Monthly rent; billing is per user per month

Monthly usage fee, maintenance fee, and fee for application management

Monthly usage fee, maintenance fee, fee for application management and operation of a data center

Depending on your wishes and requirements, our customers can easily switch between the different usage models. Please feel free to contact us with regard to individual usage or pricing models.

Outsourcing your Core Banking Solution to the PASS Data Center

Use the Core Banking Suite as a SaaS model

PASS is available as a SaaS provider for the operation of your core banking solution. To date, approximately half of our customers are already opting for this usage model and the operation in the PASS data center with an increasing frequency.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Data centers in Aschaffenburg, Bad Mergentheim and Frankfurt am Main
  • Mutual back-up between the data centers
  • Certification according to the international standard ISO/IEC 27001
  • Availability during operating times (24/7): more than 99.9%
  • More than 100 satisfied customers
  • SaaS Enabling Network Partner of IBM
  • Member of the UP KRITIS of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS)

Audit and Cyber Security:

Our management and control systems are based on the most important industry standards

  • ISO/IEC 27001,
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and
  • German Federal Office for IT Security (BSI)

as well as legal and regulatory requirements such as the EU DSGVO, the bank regulatory requirements for IT (BAIT), and the minimum requirements for risk management at banks MaRisk (BA) of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

The appropriateness and effective implementation of our internal control system is reviewed annually in accordance with auditing standard PS 951 type 2 issued by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

Basic high availability technologies:

  • Storage (Netapp/IBM)
  • Server (IBM)
  • Virtualization (VMware)
  • Cluster technology (VMware)
  • Network technology (Cisco)

Frequently asked questions by our customers

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