Core Banking System for Foreign Banks

Modular Foreign Banks System

A Foreign Banks System for all German requirements and special features

Comprehensive support of the complex processes of a Foreign Bank

The specific requirements and complex processes of a bank involves modular support: From currency accounting via the branch system and regulatory reporting to international business including foreign balance sheets. Our intelligently designed foreign banks system adapts to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis and guarantees long-term investment and future security. Our system also guarantees connection to the PASS in-house system or an external account evidence center in accordance with § 24c of the German Banking Act.

The number of branches of foreign banks in Germany is growing rapidly. Especially for banking in the german market, we provide a foreign banks system in two forms: Financials & dynamics.


You want to offer a comprehensive banking portfolio on the German market. This means you need your own, comprehensive core banking solution with the necessary customization of interfaces to your head office, which shows all business processes of your foreign bank.


You use your head office’s banking system and require special functional expansions to meet the requirements of the German financial market.

Modular structure for individual foreign bank requirements

Individual needs of a foreign bank can be covered by the modular structure of our Foreign Banks System:



  • Branch processing
  • Reporting
  • Domestic payment traffic
  • Foreign payment traffic
  • Documentary international business
  • Forward exchange dealing
  • Money markets
  • CRM
  • Credits, sureties, bills of exchange
  • Cash desk
  • Connection GAA/AKT/KAD
  • Cost centers/profit center
  • Eqipment bookkeeping


  • Securities transactions
  • Documentary international business
  • Connection to customer-payment traffic systems
  • Connection to account evidence center (Pass in-house or third-party providers)
  • Archiving
  • Controlling


We operate our own account evidence center in accordance with § 24c of the German Banking Act and § 93b of the General Fiscal Law. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFIN) and the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) have access to all relevant data on banking customers via these centers.

User benefits continually prioritized

Our technology framework ensures the adaptability, efficiency, reliability and openness required for a high-quality foreign banks system. The infrastructure is regularly checked to determine any potential for further improvement and we only incorporate new technologies into business solutions when they have been proven to provide sustainable benefits to users. This approach helps to ensure that the content is always up-to-date and complies with legal regulations while also protecting against extensions that are not necessary. This Foreign Banks System allows flexible collaboration for all parties involved without security risks.

Highlights of the Foreign Banks System



The Foreign Banks System Financials covers all business processes used by banks on the German market.



The individual needs of an overseas bank can be met thanks to the modular structure of our foreign banks systems.



Continual updates and innovations are automatically rolled out to our customers and you decide when you want to update your solution.

Information about our Core Banking System

Our general core banking system covers all the special requirements of a foreign bank. Here you will find further information of the PASS Core Banking Suite.