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Spendenprojekt Oroutumba
70,000 euros for project in Oroutumba village. Regular updates on progress.
Ocean Breeze Energy
Wind farm operator Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG uses the PASS System Inventory.
Deutschlandstipendium 2020
For the third time in a row the PASS Consulting Group is participating in the offer of the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.
Travel XML API 1.7.3 erschienen
XX1 includes new adapters, XML messages and more
Hotelprovider ARN in XX/1 integriert
PASS Travel XML API bindet GDS über Webservices an
Conversion of XX/1 Interfaces
PASS erweitert Rail-Angebot
Rail Reservations Made Easy: Cooperation with SilverRail
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