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Web-based funding management software – from application to accounting

Grants management software PASS FMS - Your Future

With our funding management suite you choose an application that sets standards in grants management. Based on a future-proof architecture, you can rely on a dynamic grant management software that can very flexibly accommodate your requirements and map new grant products.

Modules of the funding management suite (PASS FMS)

TMS Government Prozess

Basic system

The basic system offers centralized data storage, management of organizations, users and their data, functions for audit-proof storage of data and documents, version management, and much more. Data can be edited from different entry points (web-browser). Export and import are optional. Further required modules can be booked additionally.


PASS FMS offers externally or self-controlled OZG-compliant user registration/management (OZG - Online Access Act, which complies with eIDAS in this respect). Connection of organization and user accounts of the german federal government as well as the portals of the federal and state governments (incl. digital return channel). Support for eIDAS-compliant (elDAS - electronic identification and trust services) electronic identification (eID) via new identity card (nPA), qualified electronic signatures (QES) and seals (online/offline). All functions can of course be implemented along the rules, applicable for you.


Connection of systems of state funds, e-file solutions, systems for fund management in the European Union (SFC2021/SFC2014) as well as import/export of data, documents and participant data (incl. multiple participations).


Data evaluation takes place almost in real time due to the central data storage in the base system. In addition to financial and material data, all other data stocks are evaluated. Customer-specific report requirements are also possible in the configuration process.

Frontend/Customer Portal

Access to PASS FMS is possible via various channels. In addition to web-based ultra-thin-client access via a portal, bots or social media are also supported. Access for customers takes place without media discontinuity according to the once-only principle and modern UX design. Additional functions for application support, such as planning support, documentation, processing tools and archive are planned.

Funding process

Mapping of a complete funding process – from the expression of interest to the eligibility check to the conclusion of the funding case. Individual steps are held in transactions with their own status concept and, if necessary, release procedures for several people. PASS FMS provides (change) requests of the grantee, payment requests, expenditure declarations, and on-site inspections. Disbursement and acceptance requests as well as other document processing operations form the interface to the process backend.

Process Backend

PASS FMS offers a comprehensive accounting module for voucher-based accounting of funding cases. Instruction and dunning processes are based on a budgetary system. The system supports technical assistance as well as non-repayable financing and financing instruments. If required, modules for document and committee management are available.

Funder Backend

The system offers functions for grant accounting and repatriation. The EU payment application, annual accounting and dialog-based documentation of the flow of funds are available.

Audit Backend

Support for the planning and execution of audits and controls, especially on-site inspections. In addition, PASS FMS offers functions for sampling from different populations (e.g. vouchers, funding cases), the recording of audit results and a correct provision of financial corrections in other parts of the system.

Basic-system Registration Interfaces Reports  Frontend/Customer-Portal Funding-process Process-Backend Funder-Backend Audit-Backend TMS Government Prozess

Basic system

The basic configuration maps the central data management and is the foundation and heart of the grant management software. Included in the standard are: User, organization, role and rights management (including the tried and tested PASS security component), information and help system, plausibility checks, extensive filtering, deadline and resubmission management, versioning and historization, state-of-the-art logging and much more.

The funding management suite integrates the data on funding lines and funding cases from the various modules and can deliver these to the connected systems via interfaces. In the process, the suite is preconfigured fund-specifically in line with individual requirements: in addition to EU funds, national or other non-EU funds are possible.

The role and rights management of the funding management suite is a part of the field-proven PASS Security component. Multiple role and funding line-specific rights sets enable audit-proof substitution rules. User administration takes place within proven, flexibly configurable and highly secure components in order to optimally map organizational (also hierarchical) specifications.

Individual evaluations play a central role in the allocation of public funds. The funding management suite enables individual reporting in a wide variety of subject areas (administration, certification and verification, political space). Up to 70 evaluation types are kept individually configurable via 20 to 30 individual filters each. The grant management software ensures that only data according to authorization is evaluated. If required, the layout is designed 1:1 on the basis of central specifications in regulations and laws (in PDF or EXCEL formats).

Reporting takes place almost in real time. For more extensive evaluations, an inbox is kept in which the creation status of the evaluations can be tracked. Evaluations are available for longer periods according to rights in the system.

The grant management software PASS FMS offers a variety of interfaces. In addition to the systems of the state funds (e.g. IHV of the state of Bavaria and the HKR of the german federal government), e-file solutions (e.g. Fabasoft, Dokuneo) and the systems of the EU Commission (SFC2007 to SFC2021) should be mentioned.

Import and export of data is possible. In addition to document data for billing, complex and highly sensitive participant data, including consideration of multiple participations in the relevant funding contexts (e.g. in the chamber environment) occur.


Customer portal and funding process

The grant management software offers a multi-channel customer portal upon request. In addition to the application portal with landing pages and customer login, mail traffic, internal messaging systems and bots supplement customer support.

Registered users access a comprehensive information system: notifications, document provision, messaging system, notices, resubmissions – internally or additionally via e-mail.

Applications are submitted without media discontinuity. The interfaces and workflows in the portal are optimized in terms of ease of use and user experience (UX design). The interfaces are responsive – employees as well as customers can work with the funding management suite in the home office, on the workstation computer, on a cell phone or tablet.

All funding processes are mapped or their components are connected via the customer portal of the funding management suite. In addition to dialogs and processes for application, accounting, and allocation, the funding process module provides a procedure for determining eligibility for funding (expression of interest procedure with integration of processes for assessing candidates by externally commissioned institutions). In the funding process, documents are held and flexibly filled with data from the system depending on the status – both from the customer to you and from you to the customer.

As part of the grant service catalogs, DMN-notated decision rules (DMN - Decision Model and Notation) can be mapped in the suite. The grant management software thereby enables fully automated processing as part of the business process management, depending on the discretion in the funding management contexts.

Any solutions can be connected for user identification and signature requirements. In addition to authentication via user name and password, the subsidy management software has eID procedures, for example with the new identity card (nPA). For professionalized applicants, qualified or advanced electronic signature procedures are connected. As a trust service provider, we rely on established solutions, such as the Bundesdruckerei or Governikus, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. PASS FMS of course can be adapted to solutions applicable in your country or region.

The funding management suite supports data exchange between you and your customers according to the once-only principle, as far as this is currently possible. Register connection and AI-supported document and voucher data capture will follow.

Assistance can be provided to customers to ensure high application quality. The grant management software offers modules for planning, documentation and archiving of case documents. In addition to calculation aids in the accounting environment (personnel, depreciation, travel expenses, etc.), there is an almost freely configurable mapping of flat-rate items. Support in calculating the aid intensity and protection against incorrect entries on the part of the applicant are ensured via extensive plausibility checks.

The accounting modules link to well-known accounting software so that receipts are imported into the funding management suite automatically and without manual intervention.


Fund management, funders and audit

Funds management is part of the funding management business, in which disbursements and receipts are arranged in a cash-effective manner and the available contingents ("budgets") are monitored.

The grants management software offers all required functions regarding budget. In addition to mapping the budget system, an ordering and – if desired – a dunning system occurs. It is possible to process a configurable budget including specifications and commitment authorizations, daily and annual financial statements. Constructs relevant in the EU context, such as "technical assistance" and "financial instruments", are supported.

Funding accounting/recovery takes place in the PASS FMS between the EU member states and the EU Commission, and within the member states between the ministries, authorities and other agencies involved – i.e. for the EU budget in addition to state and federal budgets. The EU Payment Request and Annual Accounting modules, a procedure that directly links the audit area and the accounting of managed funds with the funding bodies, are relevant.

The grants management software supports at this central point with processes and dialogs in the preparation of the grant package as well as generally in the repatriation of funds. PASS also provides a module that documents the flow of funds extensively and in detail if the funds management has to be carried out outside the funding management suite.

The grants management software supports the planning and execution of audits and the documentation of audit results. The latter flow, for example, into the annual accounting.

The suite provides methods for drawing samples from defined populations. Samples are drawn from a set of funding cases, transactions or documents and processed further.

Since 2008, we have been consistently developing the funding management suite along professional requirements and technological possibilities.

In the future, work will be carried out on the integration of "intelligent" processes that will free the audit from manual activities and help to further increase efficiency and relieve capacity in this important area. This concerns the flexible implementation of smaller mini-workflows, e.g. co-signing or approval procedures and automatable processing steps on a workflow station. These are open to automated processing (Decision Model and Notation).

Your Suite

The product builder is used to select and assemble all parts from the maximum workflow and the object catalog so that the desired funding program/product/measure can be operationalized GUI-based. Maximum workflows and object catalogs come from the standard repertoire and are assembled in a modular process. Alternatively, the standard components are first customized and extended according to individual requirements using the PASS Virtual Software Factory (Virtual SW Factory). Components not included in the standard are newly created.

With the Rules Engine, additional rules can be defined for data fields within the objects or services can be executed under certain conditions. New data fields are added to existing objects at runtime and delivered to the production of the grant management software PASS FMS.

In its basic version, the funding management suite offers extensive configuration options in the crucial areas:

  • Funding schemes,
  • Expenditure and financing plans,
  • Flat-rate and accounting types of cost- and expenditure-based funding,
  • Calculation aids for a wide variety of use cases, funding rounds, evaluation catalogs and matrices,
  • Document templates for all responsible bodies and their funding lines, etc.

In the system settings the crucial parameters of the grant management software are controlled. For the EU context we offer a suitable indicator management. Own terms and formulations are stored in a catalog management.

The goal is to provide an individual solution for all requirements based on standard components in the form of a grant management software.

It therefore proves to be an advantage that the PASS funding management suite was developed with the PASS Virtual Software Factory. Individualization requirements are realized via code-based customizing in model-driven development. Maximum or grant context specific overall workflows and object catalogs are analyzed, modeled, generated and integrated into the grant management software.

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