Internet Booking Engine

IBE Development based on the PASS Travel Framework

A future proof, stable and flexible framework

Maximum Individuality

Maximum Individuality

Individual software at a price of standard software

The individuality is possible due to:

  • Skin concept: easy adjustment to the design
  • Huge selection of booking channels
  • Workflow definition via process engine
  • Modularization of the features (reusability)
  • Easy integration of individual interfaces
  • Configuration tool
  • Integrated rules engine (e.g. allows regulation of the flight results and yield management)
Future Proof and Easy Change

Future Proof and Easy Change

Fast adaption to changes in the market and new strategies at minimum costs

Very flexible Travel Framework:

  • The framework abstracts business logic from the actual content providers, i.e. content providers can be changed or replaced at all times.
  • Flexibility is provided to a maximal extent via SOA and rules engine.
  • Additional functionality can simply be added as a new service.
  • The framework is compatible with NDC standard.
Integrated Consulting and Marketing Service

Integrated Consulting and Marketing Service

Further revenue and consulting possibilities

Within the defined portlet area additional information can be shown within the process exactly at the moment the information is required (e.g. cross-selling of other tickets, helpful information to the user, promotions, ...).

Best Usability

Best Usability

High usage rate

Intuitive graphical user interface designed to clients’ preferences which remains constant across reservation systems along with valuable auxiliary information

Example of an individually developed IBE

Flexibility is our strength!

You may request to adjust processes, content, as well as additional features such as ancillary services to your needs.

Along with a look and feel according to your corporate identity, you will get your individual IBE.

Moreover, you may adjust it to act differently for varying users or groups with the integrated rules engine.

Individual Internet Booking Engine Development

We develop your individual Internet Booking Engine according to your requirements based on the PASS Solution World Travel components

For the development of your individual IBE we bring along:

Fast development with best quality

Fast development with best quality

Development will be done with the PASS Software Factory. The PASS Software Factory is a state of the art development approach with a Java expertise from the very beginning of JDK 1.0.2. in 1997. Our technology used in projects combines the benefits of:

  • Efficiency (using component repository, models, ...)
  • Flexibility (principle of a open system with great difference to 4GL platforms in the 1990s)
  • Quality (by a constructional quality assurance in fact of reuse of architectures, components and models)

Therefore the PASS Software Factory is the determined pursuit of model and component-based software engineering and the attainment of new standards of productivity, both from a qualitative as well as a quantitative point of view.

Together with the generic screen approach and the rules engine we can also guarantee fast adaption to the changes in the market to low prices. The rules engine and generic screen can even be used by the customer itself.

Professional project expertise

Professional project expertise

Work with experts in regards to project management to meet the defined timelines, have a good quality and the IBE which exactely meets your needs!

This project expertise (more than 30 years) is combined with travel know-how so that we understand your needs and requirements. All project processes will be compliant to comPASS, the PASS process engineering, which implies:

  • Standard processes, templates, tools and services for all project areas
  • A continuous improvement process (CIP) based on quantitative performance indicators and feedback from the projects
B2C expertise

B2C expertise

Our research and development department permanently carries out market, business and technology trend reviews and evaluations.
The expert team of PASS analyzed more than 25 IBEs in the German market. They analyzed on a very detailed level (175 criterias) the following aspects:

  • Booking process for flight, hotel and tours
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Service
  • Mobile

Furthermore more than 600 users were asked about their expectations and experience.

This expertise we will bring along for designing the individual IBE for your needs!


Available travel content providers

You can find possible content providers of an Internet Booking Engine, which are integrated in our Travel XML API XX1, here: