Partnership with Micro Focus in the COBOL environment

Partnership with Micro Focus in the COBOL environment

Mainframe modernization projects are among the toughest challenges in IT. The PASS Consulting Group and Micro Focus have combined their expertise in order to master this challenge successfully. As a result, the companies are offering a comprehensive package which includes automated migration, extensive experience in project management and modern development environments for COBOL applications.

Proprietary mainframe applications are still widely used, especially in the banking and insurance sectors and in industry. “Migration offers huge potential savings – in terms of licensing and operating costs as well as development costs,” explains Michael Strauss, CEO PASS Consulting Corporation who speaks from practical experience. “In recent years, we have carried out numerous modernization projects using our fully automated migration factory.” Changing to a modern platform such as Linux, UNIX or Windows requires a number of fundamental decisions – not least concerning the programming language. Time and again, customers decide to start by migrating the platform but to keep the programming language the same. This should not stand in the way of modernization and cost savings. “Thanks to the combined migration and product development expertise of Micro Focus and PASS, customers can benefit from a modern platform – without changing the programming language,” says Timo Bozsolik, Head of Competence Center Migration at PASS. 

With the development and production environment Visual Cobol from Micro Focus, it is possible to develop COBOL business applications across a variety of platforms and simulate legacy technologies (e.g. IMS TP-Monitor). The products which are based on contemporary development tools like Visual Studio and Eclipse will shorten development times – and increase productivity at the same time. “By combining old and new, the partnership provides customers with a customized and future-proof modernization of their mainframe applications,” sums up Wolfgang Drespling, Director Enterprise Modernisation at Micro Focus.

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