Individual Benchmark Analysis of your website

Where does your virtual sales channel stand?

The presentation of your company, your products and your services on the Internet is much more than your digital business card. Your website is the first, but at the same time decisive step towards the digitalization of sales. Deficits in the information and consulting phase deprive the subsequent sales process of the chance to lead to successful online product sales. Customers who can't find information straight away usually don't give the website a second chance. They are already on the competitor's site with the next click. Possibly, better usability, intuitive navigation and an optimally structured and complete product description would have led from click to purchase.

Finding this optimization potential is no easy task. Often the view of one's own online presence is different from that of external specialists. With our tried and tested methods, we show you in a benchmark where your website stands in comparison to the competition.

Procedure and methods of benchmarking

Operational phases of the benchmarking process


1) Planning and preparation

A detailed analysis comprises several hundred test criteria, which we agree with you in advance, taking your individual business model into account.

We will create the analysis based on our large database, which we collect in the context of our online surveys or according to your individual wishes.


2) Comprehensive analysis

By means of a comprehensive website analysis we examine the presentation of your complete range of services in detailed sales phases. For example, we evaluate initial information, further product information, additional information, but also cross-product content such as contact offers, response quality and response speed. The detailed analysis of the selected menu items and the navigation logic are also part of the benchmark scope. In the area of usability, we place special emphasis on the topic of accessibility and evaluate this with a check-up using objective test criteria. In addition to your products and services, we also consider the presentation of your company. Here, customers expect more than an imprint and directions. We put all the knowledge gained into relation to your competition.

In addition to the website analysis, we can also determine the wishes and needs of your customers. In this way, you also secure your investment decisions from the customer's point of view. Our online customer survey is ideally suited for this purpose.


3) Selection Benchmarking

Select key topics and competitors with whom you would like to compete. Combine the comparison with best practice, standard peer group or average.

We offer the following comparisons:

4) Your optimization potential

With our benchmark you will receive an individual positional check of your online performance in your competitive environment, followed by specific recommendations for actions to further develop your site and thus to strengthen your virtual sales channel. The results of the benchmarks can be found in a detailed and compact summary for your management. This allows you to directly implement the knowledge gained in practice.

Benefits of Benchmarks for your company

You will individually receive the following for your website:

  • Assessment of your performance in the digital and mobile channels
  • Identification and prioritization of optimization needs, competitive advantages and unique selling points
  • Recommendations for the development of digital distribution channels including quick wins
  • Optimization recommendations based on best practices
  • Support for ensuring investment decisions with regard to the further development of your online offerings
  • Dynamization of your digitalization strategy in sales
  • Sustainable increase in online sales

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