Digital Workplace

Secure working in the home and mobile office

Digital Workplace

Solution for mobile working

The current crisis situation requires high flexibility from companies, their employees and partners. Employees are urged to stay at home. In such times it is particularly important that companies have forward-looking new work forms and can guarantee the maintenance of communication during a crisis.

Set up external workstations safely, quickly and cost-effectively

PASS helps you to implement the technological requirements for mobile working quickly and cost-effectively and to set up highly secure digital workstations so that you can continue to work flexibly – from any location, at any time and with any device. An in-house hardware is not absolutely necessary for this, as our BYOD solution (Bring your own Device) also allows you to use private end devices securely.

Low demand on infrastructure and high control on the part of the company

Our Digital Workplace solution offers uncomplicated and highly secure remote and home office workstations with minimal effort for IT administrators. The administration of these workstations is guaranteed by a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management). Heavily used VPN infrastructures are relieved. New home and emergency workstations can be created flexibly and with easy installation and activation. These are always secure, GDPR-compliant and under full corporate control. With the technical possibilities of the Digital Workplace, the productivity and efficiency of employees in the home office and on the road can also be ensured.

User-friendly working, instantly and everywhere

With Digital Workplace, your employees can access required data and business information anytime, anywhere. Highly available and user-friendly mobile working is thus guaranteed to ensure smooth business operations even in unplanned situations. In addition, our Digital Workplace solution enables the permanent provision of flexible workplaces and takes into account all requirements of your employees and IT.

Services of the Digital Workplace Solutions

Successful, digital working from home and on the road

  • Access to e-mails, contacts, calendars and documents (network drives)

Digital Workplace gives your employees easy and highly secure access to internal resources from all end devices within a very short time. For example, they can easily access the PIM (Personal Information Management), desktops, apps and files.

  • Remote desktop access not only for IT administrators

Administrators have been using remote desktop access to manage servers for quite some time. Digital Workplace provides each of your employees with remote access from their home PC to their personalized corporate computer.

  • Business Continuity - no matter whether working on the road (remote working) or in the home office

Digital Workplace enables your employees to work as they are used to from the office, using the same applications. So there is no productivity break. Your employees can continue to work immediately and without instruction.

Digital Workplace Highlights

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

On the user side, Digital Workplace means the installation of a software package. The subsequent initial registration is completed in a few minutes. Highly secure end-to-end encryption protects communication into the corporate network.

Support of all operating systems

Support of all operating systems

The Digital Workplace software supports all current operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows 10 as well as macOS and uses the same end-to-end encryption technology regardless of the operating system. The company data in the container always remains secure on the end device.

Bring your own device

Bring your own device

With PASS BYOD (Bring your own Device), a company can also allow its users to use private end devices for work in a secure manner.

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

The UEM solution uniformly manages all devices, apps, users and policies in one application and supports the most common operating systems.

AI-optimized cybersecurity

AI-optimized cybersecurity

The highly secure Digital Workplace software is supplemented with AI technology. If abnormal activity (viruses, malware, etc.) is detected on an employee's terminal device, a warning message is displayed. By means of policy configuration, the digital workplace is automatically locked or deleted if compromised operating systems are detected on the private employee PC.

Full control by the company

Full control by the company

With Digital Workplace you combine maximum flexibility with maximum security. You control the distribution and use of your sensitive data (Data Leakage Prevention) – despite decentralized workplaces and the fact that your employees' private end devices are used for corporate purposes.


Advantages of our Digital Workplace Solution

  • Employees in the home or mobile office can be up and running in minutes and have secure access to internal documents and applications.
  • IT administrators manage the Digital Workplace users in one console.
  • Digital Workplace can also be used securely on private end devices as a container solution in compliance with all data protection requirements.

  • Android and iOS devices as well as MS Windows 10 or Apple macOS devices can be used as end devices.
  • If desired, the Digital Workplace solution can scale-up to several tens of thousands of users, making it suitable for any size of company.
  • Digital Workplace uses the end-to-end encryption technology that companies and governments with the highest security requirements have trusted for years.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Manage mobile devices with the highest security standards

Surely you are also facing the following challenges:

  • to integrate your employees' mobile devices into your corporate infrastructure successfully and
  • to make business processes run smoothly even with an increasingly mobile workforce.

This is exactly where our Enterprise Mobility Management solutions support you.

The holistic approach of the PASS Enterprise Mobility solution, to manage all mobile devices, both corporate and private devices used for business purposes, is provided by Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). This central management system allows mobile devices to be securely and economically integrated into your company infrastructure and to mobilize existing or potential workflows.
Applications (apps) and configurations (e.g. security policies) can be installed, deleted or updated centrally as well as remotely (e.g. WLAN, mobile radio). An important factor is that our Mobile Enterprise solutions ensure sensitive handling of your company data and compliance with the highest security standards. Our Enterprise Mobility Management solutions support all common platforms (iOS, Android, etc.), so it doesn't matter which operating system your employees prefer.
The Enterprise Mobility approach focuses on systems that can potentially be used as well as consulting and implementation of best practices.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

The unified endpoint management tool (UEM) combines the classic functional areas of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM). Furthermore, UEM serves as a systemicbasis for a holistic enterprise mobility management (EEM).

The UEM solutions can be operated directly in your company (on-premises), in the cloud or in the PASS Data Centers. With different maintenance approaches and best practices, our enterprise mobility experts will work with you to find the perfect hosting solution.

Services of the PASS Enterprise Mobility Solution

  • Market analysis, aligned to your application/solution scenarios using the UEM solutions currently available on the market
  • Presentation of basic concepts and available technologies for possible system architectures including risk analysis
  • Definition of general conditions for a possible Proof of Concept (POC) including an estimate of the effort required
  • Design, planning, implementation and optimization of UEM solutions
  • Performance of feasibility studies
  • Creation of an integrated Mobile Security solution
  • Continuous and independent advice for decision-making
  • Operating a UEM solution as SaaS in the PASS Cloud or as Managed Services
  • Process and IT consulting in the entire enterprise mobility environment
  • Advice on compliance with the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO)
  • Consulting for the realization of business requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of a life cycle for mobile devices and applications
  • Fully Managed Services


Advantages of our Mobile Enterprise Solution

  • Tremendous reduction of the support effort
  • Hardly any device failures due to user intervention
  • Compliance with GRC rules (Governance, Risk and Compliance)
  • Increase of service quality

  • Significant and effective reduction of fixed and operating costs
  • Compliance and increased security of mobile devices
  • Control of both devices and apps

Bring your own Device (BYOD) - the big challenge for your data security

Use private mobile devices for work?

Following the triumphant progress of smartphones and apps in the consumer sector, employees are increasingly eager to work with systems in the company that meet this user-friendliness. As a result, both consumer apps and corporate apps should be able to run on a mobile device without the data mixing. This is one of the requirements that our PASS BYOD solution meets.

The solution for "Bring your own Device" (BYOD)

The management of private smartphones by the company is not necessarily desired by the employees, but it is indispensable due to the necessary IT security. The company must retain control of the internal company data. The BOYD solution enables secure, encrypted and regulated access to business data, as it is stored in a secure container on the respective end device. In addition, IT policies are taken into account via group policies, without restricting the private smartphone. The company data can only be accessed via this dedicated app. The private data remains outside the container on the smartphone and is not touched.

PASS BOYD can be controlled by the company IT via UEM (Unified Endpoint Management). Appropriate policies are used to ensure that company data remains protected on the corporate apps. An encrypted and secure data exchange between the company applications is also guaranteed. If required, IT will delete only company-specific data via remote control; private data remains unaffected.

Services PASS BYOD

  • Worldwide access to business data, such as e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks and intranet
  • High data security via a secure container, data encryption and misuse detection
  • Central app to separate business from private data
  • Intuitive user interface enables high employee acceptance



  • Operation of the BYOD solution as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the PASS Cloud (in our redundant PASS data center in Germany) or dedicated installation in your IT infrastructure
  • Support in the conception, rollout and operation of our BYOD solution
  • Clear entry point into the business environment


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