IT Inventory Management

PASS System Inventory – the software solution for the central IT inventory management of hardware, software, licenses, consumables, orders and contracts

Practice-Oriented All-In-One IT Inventory Management

Real-time lifecycle management of your equipment and resources – transparent for all departments

Cross-departmental IT inventory management

PASS System Inventory ensures the simple and clear management of hardware, software, licenses and contracts.

By using the central management system, you get a continuous real-time overview of managed assets across departments.

This cross-departmental use of IT inventory management ensures a consistent flow of information and standardized processes, and thus reduces effort and prevents avoidable errors.

The system is designed for multi-client operation with various different companies and organizational units, and is therefore also suitable for managing complex structures.

Inventory Management of



Management of computers, servers, projectors, network components, printers, monitors, mobile devices and peripheral equipment



Administration of leasing and telephone contracts

Software & Licences

Software & Licences

Management of software and licenses with different metrics (per user, per seat, per core) and evaluations via CSV (e.g. for audits)



Standardized merchandise management for consumables




Management of orders with options to filter by item, by method of payment and by company


Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Why you should opt for the central IT inventory system PASS System Inventory

A central inventory system for your IT landscape

IT inventory management is carried out in companies using a number of different systems, which are often incompatible with one another. Data integrity is corrupted, information is lost, the error rate is high, and all this leads to increased employee effort and rising costs. 

Trying to manage these elements is becoming ever more complex thanks to the increasing flexibility and fast-paced nature of hardware and software in the IT area, not to mention the associated leasing and maintenance contracts.

Optimization and economization when assigning software licenses

Furthermore, license audits lead to high costs due to poorly maintained inventory systems. Different license models (per seat, per core, per user) additionally complicate the balancing of licenses and software. 

Reducing manual processes

With decentralized data storage, the work of IT employees and managers becomes a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. With PASS System Inventory, however, you avoid having to carry out tedious manual maintenance tasks and therefore reduce duplicate storage.



Central system

Central system

All data is grouped in one system and is available in real time

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Ready-made and individual evaluations for e.g. license audits and a CSV export are possible

Intelligent search

Intelligent search

The search function recognizes relationships between the assets and displays them in milliseconds

High Performance

High Performance

High administrative performance can be achieved thanks to low memory consumption

Lifecycle Historicization

Lifecycle Historicization

The lifecycle of hardware can be traced back seamlessly using an integrated history



Adjustable standard models, companies, locations, and departments offer maximum flexibility

Benefits in Cross-Departmental Use



Optimization of IT procurement processes e.g. through warehouse management, automated orders and reorder points, return of leased equipment within deadlines and exhaustion of contractual subsidization



Quick and easy administration of the complete lifecycle of all configuration items, software, and licenses



Identification of trends and optimization potential with simultaneous adaptation to company requirements (protocols, multi-client operation, locations, etc.)



Clear and structured management display of individual categories, opportunity for direct entry into areas requiring action

End of lease for hardware

Automatic notification to alert you to the imminent expiration of leasing contracts; the user can select periods to set reminders

Hardware recording

Error-free recording of the hardware using barcode scanners, filing of different desktop/notebook standard models

Software reporting

Reporting functionality on software including export function


Interface for financial accounting

Print management

Display of printers including overview of stock levels of ink/toner


Integrated protocols for the entire IT lifecycle (handover protocol, return protocol, leasing/hiring protocol)

Barcode connection

Error-free recording using barcode scanners, company-wide usage of scanners with network connection / barcode reader

Full-text search

Intelligent queries about assets and infrastructure in milliseconds, browser plug-in (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera) for direct search functions and barcode queries

Admin panel

Central administration interface for administrators used to standardize potential accounting entries and to define selection options for drop-down menus


Period for automatic backups can be set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly; immediate recovery of saved status at the push of a button

Other Functions of IT Inventory Management

Usability and accessibility

  • Integrated full-text search of all assets
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Platform-independent usability via web browser


  • Can be adjusted to meet company requirements
  • Authorization system to restrict individual user accounts
  • Customer-specific enhancement to include new modules, views and assets

Integration and security

  • LDAP connection
  • Integrated backup management

Available editions

Needs-based solution packages are available for every IT inventory requirement

  PASS System Inventory Classic PASS System Inventory Pro PASS System Inventory Custom
Type of use License / Web Application License / Web Application License / Web Application
Prices License (5 user accounts)
Prices Cloud (5 user accounts)
1.750 €*
75 € (monthly)
4.000 €*
175 € (monthly)
Price on demand
Price on demand
Description IT inventory with management-typical configuration items Cross-departmental management of configuration items IT inventory management adjusted specifically to the particular company


Hardware management   
Software management   
Contract management   
Finance and reporting   
Order management     
Material management     
Rental hardware & material     
Generic Asset Types      
Workplace management      
Administration Onboarding Checklist      
Customer-specific enhancements      

Additional services

Individual customizing      
Premium support      
Data migration      

* The annual maintenance costs amount 20% of the license price.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions from our customers about IT inventory management with the software solution PASS System Inventory