Newsfeed Oroutumba

A school building in Namibia

Newsfeed about the education project in the north of Namibia, in the village Oroutumba

Update 30.05.2023

The education project in Oroutumba continues to run successfully. The school children regularly receive food deliveries from donations, because learning is directly better with a full stomach. We are very happy that we were able to work together with the FLY & HELP Foundation to bring more education to Namibia. Exactly where people need assistance.

Update 18.10.2022

About a year after the inauguration of the elementary school that we built together with the Reiner Meutsch Foundation Fly & Help in Oroutumba, Namibia, the teaching and school feeding program are in full swing. Food is provided monthly by another local partner. In this way, bread, rice, potatoes, chicken and beef as well as oranges and much more reach exactly those who need them most. Because learning is much better with a full stomach. Fresh food is cooked every school day - the schoolchildren really appreciate the nutritious meals. The daily meal is financed by donations from PASS customers, partners, suppliers and staff, which were collected during the PASS Late Year Benefit Concert 2020. We are delighted that the project in Oroutumba has been so successful and are already in the planning stages for our next Late Year Benefit Concert on November 26, 2022, the proceeds of which will benefit another school construction project in Malawi, Africa.

Update 03.05.2022

The school lunch program at the elementary school in Oroutumba has begun. In the past few weeks, the first food delivery has arrived on site, so that the school children can now be offered a suitable daily diet in addition to education. While the operation of the kitchen equipment, such as the new freezers, is powered by electricity from solar panels donated by PASS, the food is paid for by donations from our customers, partners, suppliers and staff. Around 25,000 euros were collected for this purpose via a fundraising campaign initiated by PASS a year and a half ago.

Update 24.01.2022

After a fence was erected around the site in recent weeks to protect schoolchildren and teachers from wild animals, our local partner has now also been able to equip the building with a new solar system. This allows the classroom and dining hall to be sustainably supplied with electricity and lighting in the morning and evening hours. In addition, the refrigerators in the kitchen building can now also be operated, so that nothing stands in the way of regular catering for the school children. PASS invested another 9,000€ for the purchase of the solar modules.

Update 14.12.2021

Work on the school building in the village of Oroutumba has now been completed and operations have begun in the new classrooms. In order to fortify the somewhat remote area and provide a safe atmosphere for the learners and teachers, we decided, in consultation with Fly & Help, to invest in a sturdy fence around the school grounds. It effectively protects against wildlife (it is not uncommon in Namibia for elephants and other larger animals to venture very close to human settlements). PASS contributed another €6,000 for the construction. The next step will now be the installation of solar panels to provide a sustainable power supply for the kitchen wing.

Update 23.09.2021

We are happy about the successful inauguration of the school building in the Namibian village of Oroutumba. Unfortunately, the opening cannot be celebrated properly due to corona, but the main thing is that it starts with lessons and regular nutritious food. The school year has already started and the new classroom together with kitchen and dining room can now be used by about 100 students. Our pictures show happy learners and their teachers in the first days of classes.

Update 21.05.2021

The construction site in the village of Oroutumba is nearing completion. In recent weeks, the facades of the buildings have been plastered and the fireplace in front of the dining hall has been prepared. Soon the numerous school children will be able to learn, eat and sleep together here.

Update 27.04.2021

In the past weeks a lot has happened on the construction site in the village of Oroutumba and the work has made rapid progress. In the meantime, the two brick buildings (school building and kitchen with dining hall) are in place and the furniture has also been brought in. Several school classes are now being prepared for their upcoming lessons.

Update 09.04.2021

The construction work has progressed further. In the past few days, the walls were finished, the roofs were covered and the buildings were finally plastered. The floors in both buildings are still missing, but some furniture has already been delivered. For example, the seating for the dining room.

Update 25.03.2021

The construction of the school in the village of Oroutumba has progressed well in recent weeks, as can be seen in our pictures. In the meantime, the foundation has already been laid and the first walls have been built.

In the front part of the third picture you can see the shell of the classroom with dining room. Behind it are the foundation walls of the kitchen.

Update 05.02.2021

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who donated to our joint project with the Fly & Help Foundation on the occasion of the PASS Late Year Benefit 2020. The amount of donations is overwhelming: In total, more than 25,000 Euros have been collected for the school feeding project. As a reminder: PASS is financing the construction of the new school including kitchen and dining hall. Almost 70,000 euros were made available for this purpose. The additional donations of 25,000 euros will be used to feed the school children. In purely mathematical terms, 30 euros can provide a child with a nutritious meal every day for a month.

After the vacations and a forced break due to Corona, work has now begun on the future school grounds. First, the very rocky ground has to be leveled. In the next step, workers from the neighboring mine will prepare the rocky ground even further. This work has already begun. The production of the stones for the construction is taking place in parallel in the village of Otjimuhiki. The bricks will then be transported to Oroutumba, because the sand directly on site is not suitable for brick production.