New PASS System Inventory App

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New PASS System Inventory App

Capture your assets easily and digitally

With the new PASS System Inventory App, central inventory management of hardware and software is now even more convenient. It simplifies and accelerates inventory and can be installed on any standard smartphone.

The PASS System Inventory App is characterized above all by its modern and user-friendly design. In a personal dashboard, the five most recent inventory lists can be called up and viewed at any time. Different hardware types are stored in the list as different icons.

With the help of the app, QR or barcodes can be conveniently scanned and read out. The app automatically recognizes items that were not previously on the inventory list – they can be easily added if desired.

The PASS System Inventory App is an additional service that increases the cost of the license and cloud price. Detailed information can be found on our product page.