Sustainability at PASS

PASS in the context of sustainability

Every day, we at PASS work to improve and further develop our services and solutions for our partners and customers. In doing so, we also focus our attention on making our work performance - and connected to it our product portfolio - resource-efficient.

Our commitment to sustainability at PASS can now be seen on our homepage. In particular, we take a look at the following sub-areas:

  • How our customers can actively participate in climate protection by purchasing PASS software products, while we as a company overcompensate for our own ecological footprint.
  • Our sustainable IT services, which are regularly further optimized and reviewed to ensure they are up to date.
  • The digital work models and processes, which take a sustainable approach with new remote structures and digital meeting concepts - at the same time, we actively save electricity through reusable and modular systems.
  • How investments in energy-efficient PASS infrastructure ensure that green power can be generated on-site at our corporate headquarters.
  • Our PASS process engineering, which enables us to sustainably reuse the vast majority of our product portfolio.
  • Our strategy for converting to tomorrow's mobility, including on-site e-charging stations.

"Sustainability and ecological responsibility are central topics for us. With the solar installation, we are striving for extensive energy neutrality of our company building, and with our e-charging stations, we want to actively shape change," emphasizes Gerhard Rienecker, founder and chairman of the management board of PASS Consulting Group. "We are convinced that charging options on company premises are of central importance. After all, the decision to buy a hybrid or electric car depends not least on how easily I can charge it."