Investment Management

A centralized management system for all investment-related information and documents

Investment management for private equity and venture capital companies

Single point of information and CRM

In all stages of an investment process, information is collected, processed and evaluated by different people. Data quality is therefore of central importance for a successful closure.

The business package for private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) companies covers two central areas:

  • The investment process is accompanied in a structured manner and data maintenance is centralized in cooperation with the companies involved. In this way, media breaks are avoided by showing all process steps from lead through investment up to exit.
  • In addition, all business transactions in connection with the maintenance of company shares are shown. A SEPA interface for the collection of due fees and CREFO information are also integrated as part of the credit assessment in the due diligence phase.

With the investment management of PASS, as a single point of information for PE and VC, you have your data under control at all times without having to change systems. Our investment management software for private equity and venture capital functions as a CRM solution with the support of which you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Requirements fulfilled by our business pack for PE and VC

  • The system ensures that investment rules (e.g. size classes, sectors, regions, etc.) are constantly reviewed.
  • Data is maintained at the level of detail required by company law and controlling. Each individual acquisition is shown as a separate share. The individual costs and values incurred are recorded individually.
  • The refinancing costs can be tracked in detail for each share.
  • The dealflow funnel is displayed transparently for performance control.

  • The user is guided safely. Different data/documents are required in each status in order to be able to transfer the project to the next status.
  • Adaptations to the business application are possible at any time (also during live operation) without any problems.
  • Automatic escalations can be used if resubmissions are ignored.
  • All data changes are logged in a revision-proof manner in order to meet compliance requirements.

Investment management functions for PE and VC

Screenshots of the investment management software for PE and VC

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