E-Commerce Solutions

Digital business solutions for online commerce for start-ups and aspiring medium-sized enterprises

E-Commerce Solutions for your internet trading

Digital business and electronic business processes – get started in E-Commerce with our solutions!

We combine IT applications and services for start-ups and SMEs with our e-commerce solutions. These include a modular, web-based out-of-the-box shop and event ticketing system and a CRM system with a full ERP back-end on a lease or license basis. On request, these e-commerce systems can be adapted to your specific needs and, for example, integrated based upon open interfaces to existing systems. You can thus continue to use existing software and will face no obstacles to using our e-commerce solutions.

Our e-commerce solutions enable you to quickly participate in online commerce in a forward-looking manner and to depict all related processes in such a way that is digitally consistent and highly efficient. Thus, already in the foundation phase, nothing stands in the way of concentrating on your core competencies.


PASS start-up incubator

We give start-ups and emerging SMEs the opportunity to pitch us their business model. Once we're convinced of your business plan, we make our webshop and event ticketing system as well as CRM and ERP system available to you as part of an incubator model.

This results in a win-win situation for both sides: While you benefit completely risk-free from our e-commerce software, you cut PASS a pre-determined percentage of your sales.

Please contact us for further information.

Our offer at a glance

We assist you in the digitization of your business processes

We offer the components of our e-commerce software as standard software for the front and back end. We can provide you with numerous options for customization and flexibility as well as customized models for your individual growth.

Our shop software – your customer contact medium – is a web application with a responsive design that is used in the browser without plug-ins. Our CRM system is for customer care; it ensures that customers repeatedly buy from your store. In addition, sales to end consumers lead to changes in inventories, invoicing, payment receipts, and more. This process can be visualized and managed with our ERP system.

Do you have any more questions? We are happy to comprehensively advise you on all aspects of the configuration, integration, and customization of our e-commerce software as well as on the migration to your new solution.


Overview of our E-Commerce Solution packages

Type of use

Web application

Web application

Web application


Online shop with backend for product management

Online shop with CRM and ERP solution in the backend

Online shop with project-specific ERP solution in the backend





Online shop

Payment methods: Invoice, PayPal, Transfer with SOFORT, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, Klarna immediately transfer

DHL interface

Product management

Return management

Offer and order management



Document management

Receipt of payment


Inventory management

Promotions and vouchers


Project management

Employee time recording

Knowledge management

Additional functions


In addition to these e-commerce solution packages, you also have the opportunity to build your own individual package from the modules of our ERP system.

Usage models of our E-Commerce Solutions

Product license, including Software as a Servicve (SaaS) on request

For whom is the model suitable?

Start-ups and medium-sized enterprises

Start-ups and medium-sized enterprises

What are the distinctive features of the model? What does PASS have to offer?

License including extensive maintenance and services, new versions and ticket processing

Product license including hosting of software in our datacenters in Aschaffenburg and Bad Mergentheim


One-time license fee or monthly usage fee

Monthly usage fee

On request, it is possible to switch between various usage models. Customized models that take account of your specific requirements can also be agreed upon.

Outsourcing of your e-commerce solution to the PASS Datacenter

PASS as an Application Service Provider

PASS runs certified data centers and offers its customers the opportunity to run solutions as an Application Service Provider (ASP). Over half of PASS customers put their trust in this service and implement the model successfully in their companies.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Data centers in Aschaffenburg and Bad Mergentheim
  • Mutual back-up between the data centers
  • ISO-27001 certification
  • Availability during service times (24/7): over 99.9 percent
  • Over 100 satisfied customers
  • SaaS-Enabling Network Partner of IBM

Basic high availability technologies:

  • Storage (Netapp/IBM)
  • Servers (IBM)
  • Virtualization (VMware, KVM)
  • Cluster technology (VMware, Apache)
  • Network technology (Cisco)

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