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PASS System Inventory: The software for the central
inventory management of hardware and software

Practice-oriented all-in-one Inventory Software

Our Inventory Software provides simple and clear inventory management of hardware, software, licenses, consumables, purchase orders and contracts, and provides a real-time, continuous view of assets under management. In addition, cross-departmental interfaces for IT Inventory Management (e.g. between IT and purchasing) are available to ensure a uniform flow of information and standardized processes.

Frequently, hardware, software and agreements are managed by companies in Excel lists. However, these become very complex and confusing as the scope increases. In addition, links between assets and users can only be displayed to a limited extent in Excel. Consequently, there is a substantial need for comprehensive Inventory Software to centrally organize, manage and monitor IT.

Our System Inventory is designed for multi-client operation with various different companies and organizational units, and is therefore also suitable for managing complex structures.

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Components of the inventory management software

Hardware Inventory

Hardware Inventory

Manage hardware components such as computers, servers, projectors, network components, printers, monitors, mobile devices and peripherals.

Software Management

Software Management

Software inventory and license management with automatic validation and plausibility check as well as various metrics (per workstation, per device, per core, per socket, per virtual machine (VM)).

Contract Management

Contract Management

Administration of contracts (e.g. work, project, license, leasing, telephone, employment contracts, etc.)

Order Management

Order Management

Management of orders with the possibility of filtering by open items, payment methods and companies.

Materials Management

Materials Management

Standardized inventory management for consumables such as privacy screens, batteries, printers ink, etc.

Rental Organization

Rental Organization

Hardware and material can be assigned to a rental manually or alternatively by barcode scan.



Standard reports as well as individually compilable queries via CSV-Excel export, e.g. for license audits.

Generic Asset Types

Generic Asset Types

Generic asset types can be created in the administration area and thus individual objects can be managed.

Workplace Management/ Work Equipment Request

Workplace Management/ Work Equipment Request

Assignment of created hardware and management of workstations as well as work equipment requirements of employees. Creation of new work equipment requests for better overview of required work equipment.

Onboarding/offboarding checklist

Onboarding/offboarding checklist

Create onboarding and offboarding checklists for new employees.

PASS System Inventory App

To provide technical support for your inventory...

  • Modern and user friendly design
  • Scan QR or barcodes conveniently with a standard smartphone
  • Personal dashboard with the five latest inventories
  • Hardware types visible as icons in the inventory list  
  • App detects items not on inventory list during scanning and adds them on demand
  • Contacting the system admin by phone and/or email 
  • Operating instructions in the app

* The System Inventory App is an additional service and increases the cost of the license as well as cloud price (see Prices and Editions).

Screenshots of our inventory Software

Why you should use inventory Software

A central asset tracking software for your IT infrastructure

IT Inventory Management is carried out in enterprises using a number of different systems, which are often incompatible with one another. Data integrity is corrupted, information is lost, the error rate is high, and all this leads to increased employee effort and rising costs. 

Trying to manage these elements is becoming ever more complex thanks to the increasing flexibility and fast-paced nature of devices and software in the IT area, not to mention the associated leasing and maintenance contracts.

Optimization and economization when assigning software licenses

Furthermore, license audits lead to high costs due to poorly maintained inventory systems. Different license models (per seat, per core, per user) additionally complicate the balancing of licenses and software. 

Reduce manual processes

Decentralized data storage leads to time-consuming and costly processes for IT employees and management. With our IT inventory management application, data is managed centrally. This avoids high manual maintenance efforts and double data storage.

Highlights of our inventory software

Central Data Retention

Central Data Retention

All components can be managed in a central inventory system and connected with each other.

Multi-client function

Multi-client function

Assets and users can be managed by level here. Users can only see and edit assets at their own level or a level below. Example: As a government agency, manage hundreds of laptops and tablets at multiple schools, for example.

Lifecycle Historization

Lifecycle Historization

The lifecycle of hardware and software can be traced seamlessly thanks to integrated historization.

LDAP connection

LDAP connection

The existing user administration of your organization can be used for the PASS System Inventory.

Intelligent search

Intelligent search

The search function recognizes relationships between the assets and displays them in milliseconds.

Barcode/QR Code Connection

Barcode/QR Code Connection

Error-free capture via barcode/QR code scanner and noticeable improvement in workflows.

Benefits of PASS System Inventory

The Users

The Users

  • User-friendly interface
  • Use on-demand without local software installation in the browser
  • High management performance due to low memory consumption
  • Customizing of company requirements (protocols, multi-client operation, locations, etc.)
  • Connection to existing systems (LDAP for user administration, ticket system for documentation, etc.)
IT Managers

IT Managers


  • No management of the server necessary
  • Automatic, regular backups
  • No tying up of system resources
  • Responsibility for operation lies with the service provider

Own Operation/Licensing

  • Low CPU and memory consumption on server side
  • No license costs for third-party components (based on established open source components)
Decision Maker/Management

Decision Maker/Management

  • Reporting functions to identify potential savings
  • Reduce process costs through more efficient IT Inventory Management
  • Transparency for license audits
  • Massive reduction of the error rate
  • Low follow-up costs


DRK Bodensee-Oberschwaben

Benjamin Menzel

"The PASS System Inventory makes our work much easier. Everything can be called up quickly and we don't have to think about where each asset is currently located," explains Menzel. "What's more, managing the stock ensures that we can always reorder in good time."

Benjamin Menzel

Head of IT

Ocean Breeze Energy

Volker Schoon

"The effort for IT Inventory Management was getting higher and higher. We wanted a simple and clear solution that would put an end to individual maintenance."

Volker Schoon

IT Manager

HFO Technology GmbH

Marco Richter

"With PASS System Inventory, we have gained a well-structured and flexible solution for handling our wide range of deployed hardware. The individual adaptations enable the effective use of our workflows and contribute to having a transparent overview at all times."

Marco Richter

Team Leader Windows, internal IT

Functions of our inventory Software


Clear and structured management display of individual categories, opportunity for direct entry into areas requiring action.


Illustration of the hardware and software lifecycle. You can see which changes have been made to the system. For example, the change of owner/corporation is traceable.

Setup of hardware

Standardized fields for setting up different hardware categories. The freely configurable number ranges are automatically recognized. It is also possible to fill the form using previously defined standard models. Finally, the option for barcode and label printing can be selected directly.

Overview reporting

Reporting functionality for software, hardware and orders. In addition, detailed evaluations can be generated in the individual categories.

Hardware reporting

In addition to standard reports that can be called up with a click, it is also possible to create individual reports.

Hardware overview

This overview provides a quick access for some functions and provides predefined queries in table form, e.g. how many devices no user is currently assigned to.


Labels/barcodes/logs can be generated for each asset and printed directly.

Handover protocol

Here is an example of a handover protocol. In the inventory system, logs can be generated for the entire IT lifecycle (transfer log, return log, leasing/lending log).


Consumables such as giveaways can be managed via the warehouse. The warehouse key figures are recorded automatically, which enables reporting. This shows, among other things, the average delivery time.

Role and rights concept

Individual setting, which employees can see or edit which menu items.

Software license management

Creation of licenses incl. the commitment to a corporation and reference to proof of purchase (e.g. ticket number). During software distribution, the installation is performed on a mobile device. The automatic assignment of licenses on user and hardware level can be done by mouse click.

Telephone contracts

Similar to leasing contracts, telephone contracts also offer special functionalities. For example, it is possible to store the connected SIM cards including PIN and PUK. Phone contracts can be assigned to mobile devices as well as computers.


The rental of inventory to employees can be documented. A link to the respective asset is possible, as well as a notification as soon as the loan period has been exceeded.

System properties

Central management interface for administrators to standardize the possible entries of bookings and define the options for dropdown menus. Among other things, generic asset types can be defined here by the customer. E-mail notifications are also defined in the Admin Panel.

Administration and organization

Inventory users can be imported automatically via an LDAP connection or alternatively created manually. An overview of all assigned assets exists for each user. The IT inventory software also enables the management of workstations and supports the integration of new employees. Onboarding checklists can be created for this purpose. Employees can also create work equipment requests if they need new work equipment.

Multi-client function

Assets and users can be managed by level here. Users can only see and edit assets at their own level or a level below. Example: As a government agency, manage hundreds of laptops and tablets at multiple schools, for example.

Other features of IT Inventory Management

Usability and accessibility

  • Integrated full-text search of all assets
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Platform-independent usability via web browser


  • Can be adjusted to meet company requirements
  • Authorization system to restrict individual user accounts
  • Customer-specific enhancement to include new modules, views and assets

Integration and security

  • LDAP connection
  • Integrated backup management

Features of the PASS System Inventory App

  • Modern design and user-friendly interface
  • Integrated barcode and QR code scanner
  • Retrievable detailed overview (general information, technical data, contractual data) of the respective assets
  • Assets can be found via the search by entering the item number
  • One app for all systems - app can connect to any backend with the appropriate link or QR code
  • Contacting the system admin by phone and/or email directly through the app
  • Step-by-step operating instructions available within the app

Screenshots of the the App

Available editions of the inventory software

Needs-based solution packages are available for every IT inventory requirement


IT inventory with management-typical configuration items

Cross-departmental management of configuration items

Multi-location management with multi-client capability

Type of use

License/Web application

License/Web application

License/Web application

License prices (5 user accounts)

one-time 2.120 €*

one-time 4.840 €*

one-time 9.690 € *, 540 € per client

Cloud prices (5 user accounts)

90 € (monthly)

210 € (monthly)

420 € (monthly), including 2 clients





Hardware management
Manage assets with details like location, passwords, manufacturer, etc.

Software management
Manage and assign software to assets and users

Contract management
Contracts with email notification when they are about to expire

Generate various reports from the system, such as all assets at a location

Order management
Manage orders in the system and possible interface to a ticket system

Material management
Material input and output

Rental hardware & material

Generic asset types
Create your own asset types as desired

Workplace management
Assign workstations to employees or even just assets at the workstation

Work equipment requirement (overview of required work equipment)

Administration on- & offboarding checklists

Assets/inventory count

all editions unlimited

Additional services




Inventory lists together with the app

App for inventory support**

Premium support

Multi-client function
Assets and users can be managed by level here. Users can only see and edit assets at their own level or at a level below them.

LDAP/Active Directory

Individual categorization

User management/ Roles

Automatic email notifications

* The annual maintenance costs amount 20% of the license price.

** The costs of the app increase the license price for each edition by 100 € (for 5 users), the cloud price by 15 € (per user/month).

Do you need certain features that are not listed? Or you need help with data migration? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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