Success story: SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 01 e.V.

SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 01 e.V.

Digitized club structures in the regional soccer league

Prepared for the future and the aspired promotion to the 3rd league: SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 01 e.V. trusts in software solutions from PASS Consulting Group - among others, the Event Ticketing System and the Online Fundraising Tool are used. PASS also shows solutions with regard to automation and digitalization in the club.

Already since 2014 the PASS Consulting Group supports the SVA in the context of sponsoring services. Together with the association, the goal is to provide new sources of income through continuous digitization. To this end, the Aschaffenburg-based software and consulting company is contributing its extensive project experience and its digital business solutions to the partnership.

Valuable feedback

In return, PASS benefits in the further development of its products in the areas of e-commerce and sports: Viktoria repeatedly provides valuable feedback here, which flows into the development work.

"We are pleased that Viktoria Aschaffenburg is pursuing a consistent path of digitization with us and are convinced that we can successfully further develop our product portfolio in the sports sector together," says Jürgen Rösch, Business Development Manager for the Sports Business Unit at PASS.

Shop Software, Bonus Program and Member Management

PASS not only relaunched the merchandise store of Viktoria Aschaffenburg, but also handles the membership administration and the collection of membership fees via its systems.

In addition, PASS implemented the Viktoria Bonus Program. This is a discount and benefit system that benefits local retailers, the club and its members. With every purchase in participating stores, special discounts can be used and bonus points can be collected. This benefits both the retailer and the soccer club - because part of the discount is passed on to the latter.

Event Ticketing System for the handling of the game days

The most far-reaching innovation at SVA, however, was the introduction of the PASS Event Ticketing System. With this system, the club can now optimally handle admission to the stadium at Schönbusch. The solution was integrated together with a ticket and scanner app, which simplifies admission control enormously.

As well as reducing the amount of cash in circulation on match days and avoiding long queues at the ticket booths, this also saves on staff and thus on voluntary work. In addition, the ticketing business is shifted to the company's own website. Another plus point: Corona requirements, such as the traceability of contacts or the implementation of distance regulations, could be easily mapped with the system.

PASS Event Ticketing System

The PASS Event Ticketing System is the ideal complement to stationary points of sale. After purchase, tickets can be made available to the customer both digitally and via a shipping provider. Using a barcode or QR code, the ticket can be scanned and checked at the entrance - all that is needed is a smartphone and Internet access. There is no need to purchase expensive handheld scanners. All parties involved in the process thus benefit from a clear and user-friendly software solution.

PASS Fundraising Solution to support youth teams

As part of the joint partnership, PASS has also integrated its Online Fundraising Tool into the SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg website. With this, the club can collect donations for its youth work. However, projects such as a set of footballs or a new football turf for the training ground could also be deposited.

The fundraising tool is fully automated: After selecting, confirming and paying the donation amount, a donation receipt is automatically generated and sent to the donor.

The PASS Consulting Group would like to thank SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg for their cooperation and trust.

"We have been working closely with PASS for years. I can recommend every club to embrace digitalization in ticketing. In the stadium, we operate with multiple cash registers and different access areas. Despite having few volunteers, we manage everything well thanks to digitalized tickets. Various evaluations help us not only on matchdays but also afterward to plan staffing needs effectively and create budget expenditures."

Ludwig Münz

Board of Organization and Operation SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 01 e.V.