Success Story: Timo Boll Webcoach

Timo Boll Webcoach

Timo Boll relies on PASS

Digitalization in sport

In the digital age, new potentials and challenges are emerging in areas that were previously not directly associated with technology – such as sports. Timo Boll links these disciplines with his project "Timo Boll Webcoach" (TBW). The PASS Consulting Group was significantly involved in the technical implementation of the online training platform and delivered an all-in-one solution to the table tennis ace.

The world champion would like to share his knowledge and experience from 30 years of table tennis training with everyone on the coaching portal. Timo Boll does not do this alone, however, because he is supported by his colleagues Andreas Ball and Zhu Xiaoyong. The goal of the portal consists of making the know-how and the experience for many years of the professional athlete accessible to each interested one. Every athlete (whether beginner or semi-professional) should benefit and be able to train with the support of Timo Boll.

News, match analysis, blog posts and much more

The training videos, which can be purchased from customers in the TBW Shop, cover numerous areas of table tennis – such as forehand, backhand, serve. If you buy an all-inclusive package, you get access to all training videos for 1 year. Beyond that the Webcoach offers current news, play analyses and exclusive blog posts by the team. With slow-motion technology, the recordings are made available in the highest quality.
The innovative premium products include video analysis and a Skype session. Timo Boll and his team personally analyze the buyer's uploaded playing techniques and give relevant training instructions. A personal Skype session with Timo or his colleagues can also be purchased, depending on interest.

Boll finds a reliable partner in PASS

For his exciting and ambitious project, the 2016 world champion was looking for a suitable partner company. In the first discussions PASS convinced above all by the offered complete package, since not only the technical requirements of the website were to be realized, but the PASS Consulting Group also explored the market environment with a Research team and finally completed the project fast and promptly.

PASS has also proven its flair in the sports industry with projects with the handball third league team TV Großwallstadt and the footballers of Viktoria Aschaffenburg (German Regional League Bavaria). The PASS Business Unit Sports acts with a lot of commitment and customer orientation, especially with regard to the establishment of a digital infrastructure within sports clubs and sports companies. The development of ticket systems and online shops was carried out professionally in cooperation with the medium-sized company. Special importance is attached to the high satisfaction of the end user. 

The course of the project

November 2016

The first meetings between the TBW team and PASS took place in November 2016. Here the partners got to know each other and discussed the idea and the goal which Timo Boll pursues with his platform. The result was a development process. Several workshops were held in the following year. In these workshops the coaching portal was conceived and theoretically elaborated – always in close cooperation with the customer. Timo Boll always considered it important to actively participate in the design of the project.

December 2017

One year later, it was time: The "Timo Boll Webcoach" portal had its go live. With a discount campaign, the all-inclusive package could be purchased at a special price. Many fans and athletes had already announced their anticipation in other online forums. The excitement also increased for the TBW team.

After the release

Since the go live, Timo Boll and his team have been trying to provide up-to-date reports on the coaching portal as often as possible. Due to his popularity, the table tennis legend is able to provide his fan base with interviews with unique athletes. Videos of Timo Boll himself, for example with mental tips, are also regularly offered here.

Ready for the future after an active career

With the "Timo Boll Webcoach" portal, Timo Boll is already building a foothold for the time after his active career as a table tennis player. Since he always had a soft spot for electronics, he uses his "retirement" for another passion. For the future it is planned to offer the portal also in China, because table tennis is celebrated here as a national sport. Timo Boll has also many other exciting ideas. However, fans still have to wait for the implementation until the top athlete can devote his full attention to the portal.

"We really enjoyed working with PASS. The professional and structured support of PASS was very helpful for our technologically inexperienced team to create our table tennis web coach!"

Timo Boll

Founder of the "Timo Boll Webcoach" portal