Travel management for the public sector

Seamless travel management for the public sector

End-to-end travel processes with the Public Sector travel management system

Public institutions, from state to local authorities, have their own approval, monitoring and invoicing processes. PASS has developed the modular travel management system Public Sector (TMS Public Sector) on the basis of these specific requirements. It supports all those involved in a business trip (travelers, co-signatories, authorizers, travel offices, administrative offices, authorized representatives) and ensures seamless travel management for public authorities in all the individual steps without media disruptions (application, authorization, booking, and settlement).


Public Sector TMS as a central hub that ensures compliance

Our Public Sector travel management system is the central interface for all parties involved in a business trip. The integration of external systems makes it possible to fully automate the entire process, whereby the web solution consolidates the planning, authorization, booking, and billing of business trips in one process chain. Thanks to workflow-based processing, the business travel management software can be tailored to your requirements with just a few adjustments.
Each application and expense report is reviewed using an integrated Rules Engine that stores federal and state travel policies and administrative regulations. In this way you are able to ensure compliance. The guidelines and rules can be easily adapted, with the help of the integrated Rules Engine. In this way, the travel management system guarantees flexibility and individuality.

Your benefits

  • Greater employee satisfaction due to process automation
  • Improved controlling by the travel department

  • Less time required for application for and billing of business trips
  • Faster co-signing and approval processes

  • Compliance with the legal requirements, thanks to the Rules Engine
  • Higher efficiency of the travel department through process automation

Travel Management for Public Sector: from application to report

Public Sector TMS as a reliable companion throughout all business travel process steps

Special features of the Business Travel Management Software



A complete itinerary is generated with routes and accommodations.



Automatic creation of travel expense reports without media discontinuity.



Ease-of-use thanks to intuitive graphical user interface oriented towards modern design.



Transparent process thanks to an integrated report generator and the historization of all transaction data.

Time savings

Time savings

Time savings for all participants through automated processes from planning to billing.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Necessity of the examination by the travel agency no longer necessary thanks to rule-compliant business trips.  

Screens of our TMS Public Sector

End-to-end business travel process

Process chain comprising planning, authorization, booking, and billing

TMS Government Prozess

Request for travel authorization

  • Choice of different types of trips (business trip, training, temporary posting, etc.)
  • Auto-lookup when entering destination
  • Automated e-mail in event of status change
  • Administrative office function for the application
  • Authorized representative function for co-signing and approvals

Automatic creation of the travel plan

  • Creation of a door-to-door travel plan, based on the application data
  • Consideration of different means of transport
  • Deutsche Bahn (German Rail): Display of alternative connections
  • Choice of numerous hotels

Automatic creation of the travel plan

  • Creation of a door-to-door travel plan, based on the application data
  • Consideration of different means of transport
  • Deutsche Bahn (German Rail): Display of alternative connections
  • Choice of numerous hotels


  • Variable co-signing and authorization processes
  • Automated review processes, according to the travel guidelines
  • Automated e-mail in event of status change
  • Display of long-term permits


If necessary, correction of business trip data and renewed submission to the approval process.


  • Automatic import of application data
  • Manual addition of meals
  • Automated merging of similar business trips (collective billing)
  • Uploading of receipts
  • Administrative office function for the billing

Review by the travel office

  • In case of deviations: automated forwarding of settled trips
    • Any deviations identified are displayed
  • Collection of amending documents, to clear deviations


  • Automatic transmission of billing data for reimbursement and reclaim of travel expenses
  • Integrated interface to ProFiskal
  • Additional interfaces can be implemented if required

Master data

  • Organization
    • Display of complex organizational structures
  • Person
    • Display of travel preferences regarding use of Deutsche Bahn (German Rail)
    • Automatic generation of a list of frequently visited destinations
  • Parameters
    • Flexible and easy adjustment with regard to business trip relevant parameters by the travel department
Request for travel authorization Automatic creation of the travel plan Automatic creation of the travel plan Authorization Rejection Billing Review by the travel office Payout Master data TMS Government Prozess

Integrated rules engine

Ensuring adherence to compliance guidelines

When it comes to management of business trips in the public sector, the regulations are highly complex and include those of the federal government as well as state regulations. The special provisions of the respective authorities may also need to be taken into account. The Public Sector travel management system makes easy work of this, with our ‘Rules Engine’, based on Drools, an open source solution. This allows for definition of arbitrary “if-then” relationships. Specific examples include:

  • If a business event is held within two kilometers of the place of employment or the employee’s home, then no daily allowance will be granted.

  • If a private car is used as part of a business trip, then a distance compensation of up to a maximum of €100 can be paid out.

  • If a business trip starts after 4 p.m. and ends before 8 a.m. on the following calendar day, without an overnight stay, then the entire duration of the trip must be ascribed to the calendar day with the overweighing absence.

  • If the stay at the same external place of business lasts longer than seven days, then from the eighth day on, the same remuneration will be paid as would be the case for a temporary posting (separation allowance).

  • If the business trip exceeds a certain duration, then the solution automatically integrates an overnight stay in the travel plan.

Integrated calculation of the cost-effectiveness

Public Sector TMS keeps a close eye on costs

For rail travel, the Public Sector TMS uses the bookings made as a reference period and automatically informs the applicant if ordering a BahnCard25 or BahnCard50 rail card would be economical. The business trip that has not yet been approved is also included in the economic analysis, so that the approval process for the business trip only starts after the BahnCard has been ordered and a new travel plan has been created taking the new BahnCard into account.

Integrated PASS XX1 interface

For booking travel funds

The XX1 interface developed by PASS is integrated in the travel management system Public Sector. It enables you to directly access travel resources and book them within the business travel system, without having to switch to a different website. PASS can integrate a variety of service providers in the Public Sector TMS, e.g. the hotel provider Corporate Rates Club (CRC), which specializes in managing hotel bookings and billing concerning hotel bookings for cost-conscious business travelers with conference business. In addition to online hotel bookings and payment services tailored to the needs of business travelers, CRC offers its customers optimization of processes and resulting cost savings.

When choosing the means of travel, the business travel booking tool takes into account the general requirements for economical and cost-effective budgeting.


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