Travel Savings Calculator

The Savings Calculator for business travel management will help you to understand & improve your cost structure

Enter your values and our Savings Calculator determine your savings potential on business travel and says if it’s worth to use our online booking tool. From our experience, savings from 10,000+ PNRs per month can be archieved.



Domestic vs. International Travel

Ratio of Travel

80 %
20 %

Ratio of Online Bookings

77 %
50 %

Reduction of Offline Bookings

10 %
5 %

Online booking tool fee per booking

$ 3
$ 2

Ticketing fee per online booking

$ 6
$ 6

Ticketing fee per touched booking

$ 30
$ 45

Percentage of sole web bookings

3 %
3 %

Envisioned percentage of sole web bookings

1 %
1 %

Parameters to capture web booking costs

$ 1
$ 35

Web booking additional time

6 min
10 min

Ratio of trips

70 %
30 %

Increase of corporate contract usage

10 %
10 %

Average corporate contract savings per booking

$ 10
$ 50

Current cost

  Domestic International Total
Current bookings      
Current online bookings
Current offline bookings
Current web bookings
Total current bookings
Envisioned bookings      
Envisioned online bookings
Envisioned offline bookings
Envisioned web bookings
Total envisioned bookings
Current booking cost      
Current online booking cost
Current offline booking cost
Current web booking cost
Total current booking cost
Envisioned booking cost      
Envisioned online booking cost
Envisioned offline booking cost
Envisioned web booking cost
Total envisioned booking cost


Domestic International Total
Online booking savings
Offline booking savings
Web booking savings
Total booking savings

Total Savings

++ Savings
Corporate Contract Savings
Annual Savings

Current Booking Cost

per year

Savings in Booking Fees

per year