Asset management simplifies workflows

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Asset management simplifies workflows

Telephony, Internet and mobile communications as well as billing services for telephone carriers: The HFO Group, headquartered in Oberkotzau (Bavaria), offers its customers a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of telecommunications. Within the Group, HFO Technology GmbH is the service provider responsible for corporate IT and the operation of the HFO data centers.

Since 2021, HFO Technology GmbH has relied on PASS System Inventory for the issuance of hardware, software and peripherals. The ability to better represent workstations in the system was the main reason for the switch. Devices and assets no longer have to be linked to a user. The mobile workstation can thus be represented more easily.

With PASS System Inventory, asset management was restructured. At the same time, transparency increased, as the data entered can be cataloged by department, providing a comprehensive overview of all existing devices in the company.

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