PASS System Inventory

Just released: PASS System Inventory version 2.4.0

PASS Consulting Group has started updating its System Inventory software to the latest version 2.4.0 this week. Highlights of the release version of May 28, 2021 are in particular the new assignment options of software and hardware within the application.

PASS System Inventory ensures simple and clear inventory management of hardware, software, licenses, orders, contracts and consumables. It also provides a continuous overview of all managed assets in real time. PASS System Inventory is the comprehensive IT inventory software for central organization, management and monitoring of IT.

For more info on the PASS System Inventory, click here.

New features and further developments of version 2.4.0 at a glance:

New features:

  • Assignment of hardware to hardware: Previously, assets were stored individually in the system. With the new feature, many components (e.g. in a server rack) can now be bundled, linked and stored.
  • Assignment of software to contracts: Contracts (e.g. leasing) for software programs can now also be linked to the respective solution in the system. Previously, this only worked for hardware components

Improving the look and feel:

  • Table columns assigned minimum width: Individual columns have been assigned a minimum width within the display, so that the data will be presented even more clearly in the future.
  • Comment field visible for all tables: Consistency has been ensured here. Comments created in the data set can now be filtered and called up in the tables.

Stabilization and bug fixes:

  • Number ranges stabilized: With the new version, a bug has been fixed that in isolated cases confused number ranges if they were too similar.
  • Leasing contracts - status overview added: Within the table it is now possible to see at a glance whether certain contracts are terminated or registered as still running.