Just released: PASS System Inventory version 3.0.0

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Just released: PASS System Inventory version 3.0.0

The new update for PASS System Inventory is available. Version 3.0.0 of the successful inventory solution, which was rolled out to all PASS customers on November 25, impresses with a number of improved and new features that help to maintain an overview of one's own inventory.

PASS System Inventory ensures simple and clear inventory management of hardware, software, licenses, orders, contracts and consumables. It also provides a continuous overview of all managed assets in real time. PASS System Inventory is the comprehensive IT inventory software for centralized IT organization, management and monitoring.

For more info on PASS System Inventory, click here.

New features and further developments of version 3.0.0 at a glance:

New features:

  • Relocation of specific properties to the database: The properties for scan, LDAP and e-mail have been relocated to the database so that changes can be made at runtime and directly by the customer.
  • Workplace barcode generation: Barcodes can now be generated for the Workplace entity.
  • Separation of automatic generation of inventory number and device name : This setting can be adjusted in the system configuration. If "Yes" is selected for the "Automatically generate inventory number without name" flag, only the inventory number will be generated when an asset is created. If "No" is selected, both the inventory number and the name will be generated automatically.
  • Extension of SIM cards: SIM cards can now also be extended with additional fields.
  • Enhancement of log templates: text replacement has been extended to include current date and logged in user.
    • A change log has been added to log changes to the asset.
    • LDAP extensions:
      • The option to switch LDAP to LDAPS is now given.
      • Visibility of LDAP error message in the system.
      • LDAP paging.
  • Rental update: Rental user is now set as asset user, thus preventing multiple rentals.
    • QR codes are now added.
    • Configuration of the hardware overview.
    • Access to a table with all hardware.
    • SIM card assets can now be assigned.
    • Workstations can be added directly on the asset.
  • Higher transparency in the rental process: Directly in the rental overview it is now displayed which assets are assigned to the rental.
  • Better overview by customizing the view of the system configuration

Stabilization and bug fixes:

  • Error prevention by reducing superfluous additional fields in bulk processing, inventory lists and purchase orders.
  • Automatic naming stabilized.
  • Error message in mobile app API is now solved.
  • Users with administrator rights can now be deleted with "secadmin":
  • To ensure that an administrator always exists, "secadmin" cannot be deleted from now on.
  • The administrator "secadmin", as the highest authority, can no longer be deprived of administration rights. All other users with administration rights can be deleted.
  • The "Administrator" role can neither be edited nor deleted.